Al Pacino and Anthony Hopkins Thriller ‘Misconduct’ Has Amazing European Debut

Al Pacino and Anthony Hopkins are in a new legal thriller called Misconduct. It also stars Julia Styles, Malin Akerman, and Josh Duhamel. Solid star power, and two legends lead this film about a shady pharmaceutical exec (Hopkins) being investigated by a lawyer (Duhamel). All manner of suspenseful hijinks ensue.

So here we have what can be considered an all-star cast in a legal thriller, at least enough to interest a handful of people. Misconduct was released in the UK this weekend, and apparently a handful of people couldn’t be bothered. Because the film brought in $141.

That’s seven $20 bills. That’s literally one person per screen, since Misconduct was released in five theaters. So this film, with these titans of the craft, drew one lone, curious human being to each theater. Or what’s worse, what if seven people went to one screening, and the other four theaters played this film to empty seats for an entire weekend?


Domestically, Misconduct brought in a whopping fifteen grand, so it’s inching ever so closer to its $15 million budget. How is this possible? If I were bored on a Sunday afternoon and an Al Pacino movie was at my local theater, I would probably check it out. And let’s say in the entire population of the UK, there were ten other people who thought that same thing. But there wasn’t. Sure, it’s sitting at 8% over at Rotten Tomatoes, but that’s happened plenty in the past for films with far fewer stars. They at least brought in a mill.

Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
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