5 Movies That Are Best Suited For Beer Drinking

Every day of summer is saturated with events and activities like barbecues, music festivals, love affairs, and outdoor parties. It seems you have no right to miss this high season and not to live 2017 summer to the fullest. Though, in this rapid cycle of fun and traveling, one may definitely wish to spend a warm summer evening on the sofa, in front of a digital screen, watching movies and drinking one’s favorite beer.

And it does not matter whether you are a student of 20 years old or a mature man who frequently visits dating over 40 section of matchmaking sites, the moment when you wish to do this will inevitably come. At the time do not forget to check this list helping you to choose the movies that expose their best sides only if you drink beer while viewing them.

  • Beerfest, 2006

Beer is the main focus of this comedy. All events happen around it. That’s why in this film you’ll see everything related to this drink, like Octoberfest, the search of the greatest beer, beer drinking tournament, and rivalry for the German team and American guys. While drinking beer you’ll be watching how the main characters, brothers Jan and Todd Wolfhouse, get into and out of trouble. They win the rivalry and get the brewery.

  • Drinking Buddies, 2013

The genre of this movie is defined as comedy-drama. That means that besides comic situations, it will be about feelings and relationships. Indeed, two central figures who are Kate and Luke are tangled in their feelings towards each other. They work together at Chicago craft brewery and spend a lot of time drinking beer and talking to each other, though both of them have partners. Beer will help you to watch the film to the end and unknot the knot of these fours’ tangled relationships.

  • The Hangover, 2009

If you are not going watch films with your girlfriend and not prone to any dramas, this movie is right for you. Watching how three guys have an insane time in Las Vegas before the wedding is a great opportunity to laugh yourself into stitches. Not without reason ‘The Hangover’ got the Golden Globe Ward and was 2009 tenth-highest-grossing movie.

  • EuroTrip, 2004

It is a teen comedy. Nevertheless, even if you are a mature man or a housewife with three children, you won’t be able to tear yourself away from the screen. With a bottle of a good beer in your hand, it becomes more interesting to watch how four friends-student travel across Europe and experience so many funny adventures. That is a great reminder of your college time and those hard parties you had.

  • Strange Brew, 1983

Is your love for beer so big that you could do like Bob and Doug McKenzie and put a mouse into a beer bottle? If no, watch this movie to know why they did that, what happened next and how this story ended. A retro tint of the film made in 1983 will serve as an additional flavor to your beer.

These movies are not only about beer but also about friendship and love, insane adventures and humor. They won’t fail to amuse you and provide a cool atmosphere for you and your friends.

Don Draper
Don Draper
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