10 Reflections From The 2018 Oscar Nominations: Surprises and Snubs

The most exciting day of the year is nearly upon us. No, not the predictably boring Superbowl and a chilly Olympics; we’re talking Oscars 2018.

The Oscar nominations were announced live on Tuesday morning by actors Tiffany Haddish (Girls Trip) and Andy Serkis (Lord of the Rings). 

Like most years, the lineup brought some predictable entries, but also supplied a healthy dose of surprises and snubs. Here are the most surprising nominations and alarming snubs of the Oscars 2018:


Snubs and Suprises

Snub: The Florida Project and its 1 nomination

Once an Oscar frontrunner, The Florida Project was nominated for just one category: Willem Dafoe, Best Supporting Actor. And while that is certainly deserved, it is shocking that it didn’t earn Best Picture, Best Director, and/or Best Cinematography nominations at the very least.

Surprise: Denzel Washington, Best Actor

You didn’t see Roman J. Israel, Esq. Nobody did. And the critics decided it was fine. With all that in mind, his nomination for Best Actor comes as a huge surprise. Denzel should always be considered an award season threat. Yet his inclusion for this film while other perennial favorites, like Tom Hanks, were excluded, is hard to explain.

Snub: Tiffany Haddish, Best Actress

The Oscars do not favor comedies. They never have, and that’s not likely to change. And yet, the breakout performance from Tiffany Haddish was beloved by critics, earning her a Best Actress nomination from the Critics’ Choice Awards. She deserves to be among the nominated this year.

Surprise: No James Franco

This was a nomination that, prior to the Golden Globes, was deemed as certain by many. While a win was never in question, Franco’s portrayal of Hollywood pariah and now cult-favorite Tommy Wiseau seemed like a guarantee. The fallout after the Globes pertaining to accusations of sexual harassment against Franco seems to have cost him.

Snub: No nomination for Vicky Krieps

Vicky Krieps spends two hours going head to head with Daniel Day Lewis in Phantom Thread. The result is a fantastic performance, challenging Lewis at every turn. Krieps deserves a nomination for that alone.

Surprise: Mudbound and a happy Netflix

Mudbound was a fantastic, critically acclaimed film. But it came from Netflix, and the Academy has been streaming shy in the past. This year, the Oscars changed things up, and nominated Mudbound for four awards, more than anyone expected. While it is not the favorite in any category, it could be the surprise hit for Best Adapted Screenplay.

Regardless of a win, it is also a significant moment for Mary J. Blige, the first actor to be nominated for a film by a woman of color.

Snub: No nomination for Armie Hammer or Michael Stuhlbarg

Call Me By Your Name is an Oscar favorite, yet missed out on several expected categories. Not least of these is Best Supporting Actor, which did not have a nomination for Hammer or Stuhlbarg. Instead, Three Billboards earned two Best Supporting Actor nominations, something that hasn’t happened in 20 years. A sad exclusion, but they will undoubtedly be back in the future.

Surprise: The Boss Baby, Best Animated Feature

LOL. Seriously, Academy? The Lego Batman Movie was right there.

Snub: The Big Sick and its 1 nomination

While it was never going to get in the ring with the heavy weights, The Big Sick was at least expected to earn a Best Picture nomination. Instead, it is restricted to a fight for Best Original screenplay.

Surprise: Logan for anything.

The Oscars do not like superhero films. They have largely ignored the phenomenon in artistic categories. So the inclusion of Logan for Best Adapted Screenplay is a jaw dropper. Perhaps a recognition of its unique place among the genre, Logan will not be winning the trophy in March, but its nomination is exciting enough.

What did you think of the Oscar nominations? Was your favorite film snubbed, or were you pleasantly surprised? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments below!

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