Massive tie-in Event “Wonder Woman Day” Planned For June 3rd

After catching some heat for a lack of advertising, DC is switching gears and partnering with comics book shops and chain retailers alike to celebrate “Wonder Woman Day” on June 3rd, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Wonder Woman Turns 75

Wonder Woman DayDiana Prince burst onto the comics scene 75 years ago in 1941. At the time, her creation as a female superhero was revolusionary. Even now Wonder Woman is easily the most popular independent female superhero. She didn’t emerge from an existing franchise and is not exclusively a member of the Justice League. This anniversary is certainly worth celebrating–regardless of the years passing by, Wonder Woman remains popular across all media formats. This year, her first full-length live action film premieres on June 2nd, and DC is helping promote the film with a massive event simply called “Wonder Woman Day”.premieres on June 2nd, and DC is helping promote the film with a massive event simply called “Wonder Woman Day”.

Wonder Woman Day

To celebrate, DC Entertainment coupled with over 2,000 comic book shops, book stores and libraries. Locations include retail chains such as Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Walmart, and Costco. Hollywood Reporter says that the outlets will each have exclusive in-store promotions. Amazon will also participate with online content. Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment and Consumer Products will also push the event, though details on that are still a mystery. “Wonder Woman Day” certainly won’t make up for DC’s lackluster advertising campaign for Wonder Woman, it certainly demonstrates that DC understands the love fans of all ages have for Diana.

If you’re out celebrating this June 3rd, spend Wonder Woman Day picking up one of our favorite origin stories if you haven’t already.

Based on DC Comics characters, Wonder Woman releases in American theatres on June 2nd, 2017. Patty Jenkins (Monster, Arrested Development) directs. The writing team includes Zach Snyder, Allan Heinberg and Jason Fuchs. Wonder Woman stars Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman/Diana Prince) and Chris Pine (Steve Trevor).

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