Will ‘Hardcore Henry’ Reinvent The Action Movie?

People have been trying for years to reinvent the action movie. Everything has been attempted from adding more explosions to importing movies emphasizing the use of trained marital artists as the actors, all in an effort to please the ever evolving film going fans. With every attempt the goal has always been to give fans the authentic feeling, no, the actual rush of adrenaline which comes from putting an actor in a peerless situation and watching it play out. Now a new film will give fans an experience like no other by letting them live the story.

Hardcore Henry is a new film where the entire thing is shot from the perspective of the main character, Henry. The audience will feel the experience the intensity as Henry works to fight against an army of mercenaries in an effort to rescue his wife (Haley Bennett). Through the interaction and perspective shots you, the viewer will feel like you are living the experience of the film from every bullet flying at you to every intense struggle as Henry tries to ward off attackers.

The look of this film seems to give the impression the result will either be of one of two possibilities: If it’s a good film, a new way to watch movies will be born which perfectly integrates with the D-Box and 3-D features in theaters and while at home it would be the ideal use for the slew of Virtual Reality headssets which are to be released later this year. If it’s bad (or even mediocre), it will be dismissed and compared to shaky cam failures trying to modify a genre which people have been enjoying for decades.

Will this be the new dawn of a new age of cinema or will it be another bland attempt to fix something most people feel isn’t’ really broken? To find out which result will ring true, check out Hardcore Henry when it opens on April 8th 2016. You can also attend the special Fathom Events screening on April 7th and watch a special Q & A feature with the director.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendelhttp://www.thegiganticproject.com
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