Where Are They Now: Rob Zombie’s ‘Halloween’ 2007 Remake

Where Are The Stars Of 2007’s ‘Halloween’ Now?

It’s been nearly 10 years since ‘Halloween‘ was remade by Rob Zombie.

The polarizing remake leaves horror fans in heated arguments to this day. Even recently, the director of the original John Carpenter decided to open up about his feelings about the remake.

“I thought he took away the mystique of the story by explaining too much about [Michael Myers],” Carpenter said. “I don’t care about that. He’s supposed to be a force of nature, he’s supposed to be almost supernatural, and he was too big, it wasn’t normal.”

All of that aside, the 2007 ‘Halloween‘ remains an important part of modern horror. It launched careers, reinvigorated some, and even ended some careers.

Check out below where the cast of the Rob Zombie’sHalloween‘ is now!

7. Danielle Harris


  • Danielle Harris was part of the ‘Halloween‘ franchise before she even acted in the remakes. Harris played Jamie Lloyd in ‘Halloween 4‘ and ‘Halloween 5‘ from 1988 and 1989 respectively. Rob Zombie eventually casted her to play Laurie Strode’s best friend. Since starring in the remakes, Danielle Harris remained an important member of the horror genre with films like the ‘Hatchet‘ franchise.

6. Malcolm McDowell


  • This man was a legend before ‘Halloween‘ and has remained one since. Malcolm McDowell is best known for his work as Alex in ‘A Clockwork Orange‘ but with over 250 acting credits, you may know him from anything. McDowell has been in the industry since the late 60’s but new horror fans know he played Dr. Sam Loomis in the 2007 remake. He was also recently in Zombie’s ‘31‘.

5. Sheri Moon Zombie


  • It’s easy to track where Sheri Moon Zombie is now. Just look at any movie that her husband Rob Zombie is releasing. Before 2007’s ‘Halloween‘ and after, she’s always the centerpiece of his films. Rightfully so…her brand of crazy fits perfectly into the sick Rob Zombie movie universe. Sheri Moon Zombie has staked her claim as one of this generation’s Scream Queens.

4. Daeg Faerch


  • How did young Michael Myers turn into a rapper? Well Daeg Faerch made it possible. Since starring as Michael Myers in his youth, Faerch has starred in independent films as well just launched a rap career. Daeg Faerch also has a movie coming up where he co-stars with Sophie Turner from ‘Game Of Thrones‘ fame. Find his work his work at Facebook.com/DaegFaerch!

3. Tyler Mane


  • Tyler Mane is the monster of a man who played Michael Myers. He’s played various roles in Hollywood from Sabertooth in ‘X-Men‘ to Ajax in ‘Troy‘ but nothing fit him quite like ‘Halloween‘ did. He shined in half of 07’s remake but really got to showcase his talents in 2009’s ‘Halloween II‘. Since the movies, Mane has launched his own production company called Mane Entertainment.

2. Scout Taylor-Compton


  • Scout Taylor-Compton starred in the 2007 remake as well as the sequel. She plays the lead character Laurie Strode to mixed reviews. No one could replace Jamie Lee Curtis but she did her best with the material. After the ‘Halloween‘ franchise, she’s gone on to star in many independent horror films. Scout Taylor-Compton also played rocker Lita Ford in 2010’s ‘The Runaways‘.

1. Rob Zombie


  • The man behind 2007’s ‘Halloween‘. Rob Zombie had the tough task of recreating the iconic 1978 film and do a follow-up. The movies are polarizing but that’s nothing new for him. After doing this franchise, he moved on to the giallo-inspired ‘The Lords Of Salem‘ and the recent halloween themed movie ‘31‘. What’s next for Zombie? Trying to release his hockey movie ‘The Broad Street Bullies‘!
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