Vincent D’onofrio Joins Bruce Willis In Eli Roth-Directed ‘Death Wish’

How Do You Keep Up With The 1974 ‘Death Wish’ Classic? Hire D’onofrio!

Eli Roth is building quite the amazing cast for his ‘Death Wish‘ remake. No one was expecting the horror director to take on this Charles Bronson classic but once he added Bruce Willis, it sparked people’s interest. Then today, news breaks that Vincent D’onofrio is joining the cast along with Dean Norris from ‘Breaking Bad‘.

The film will follow a man named Paul Kersey (Bruce Willis) who begins to hunt down the perpetrators of violent crimes to his wife and daughter. Kersey is upset these men weren’t rightfully reprimanded so he takes justice and violence into his own hands.

Vincent D’onofrio will be playing the brother to Bruce Willis’s character. After his sick turn as a baddie on ‘Daredevil‘, I would have loved to see him play a criminal here. Also, Dean Norris will be playing Detective Rains. Another great actor who could have shined in a villain role.

Production of ‘Death Wish‘ will begin Sept. 26th and they will film in both Montreal and Chicago. The film was originally set in New York City.

Are you excited for this re-imagining of the classic 1974 film ‘Death Wish‘?

EJ Moreno
EJ Moreno
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