Ultron California Is the Best Way to Start Your Day

The Age of Ultron meets the iron fist ruler of the The Office in this hilarious mashup. Fans of The Office surely remember Robert California, the eccentric boss who’s opinions and philosophies would constantly border on not only what is acceptable in the workplace but life in general.

James Spader portrayed Robert California and voiced Ultron on screen so the voice doesn’t miss a beat but the content of the conversations could not be any different.

Courtesy of Red Letter Media, Robert California’s strangest quotes have been spliced into dramatic scenes from the second Avengers installment, Age of Ultron.

The video does a great job of not only picking dialogue from the NBC sitcom but also reactions from the mighty members of the Avengers, which only add to the fun.

Robert California was known for such bizarre rants and phrases that make Ultron come off as more of a faulty piece of equipment that really doesn’t like the Black Eyed Peas instead of a war loving piece of machinery.

As we stretch deeper into October and the sun sets earlier each night, it can be difficult to cross the finish line at the end of the work week. This should give you everything you need to power through your work day.



Darcy Reddan
Darcy Reddan
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