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Rumors are flying once more about a potential Marvel-Fox movie crossover. While it’d be years in the future, there is apparently interest at Fox in pursuing a crossover deal. This is likely in response to the recent Spider-Man deal Marvel made with Sony. Now if such a deal were struck, what kinds of teams could we see? Here are ten possible crossovers that deserve consideration.

1. Spider-Man and Deadpool

Spider-Man Deadpool

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If you haven’t been keeping up with the new comic series, then you should remedy that immediately. The dynamic between the two scarlet-spandex super friends makes for amazing stories. Seeing these two together on the big screen could make for an amazing buddy-cop type of film. Not to mention the fact the director and producer want the crossover to go through. It might be harder, now that Marvel’s Spider-Man is a younger lad, but it’d be great to see these two team up nonetheless.

2. Captain America and Wolverine

Captain America WolverineThese two Marvel heroes have fairly similar origins. Both heroes were science-project soldiers, and are probably two of the oldest leading superheroes. It would make perfect sense for these two to have crossed paths. For this crossover, we could get some sort of wartime film, where the two meet for the first time, taking out Nazis in WWII. The film would be in the vein of Fullmetal Jacket or Inglourious Basterds. You could also make a film where the two are enemies – perhaps Wolverine is still the uncontrollable Weapon X, or Captain America is a recently brainwashed HYDRA agent. Regardless, it’d be awesome to see two super soldiers fighting alongside each other.

3. Storm and Black Panther

StormPantherLet’s be honest – there aren’t a lot of black superheroes on the big screen. Therefor, it’d be amazing to have two strong, African, Marvel heroes headline a movie. Plus, you could mine a lot out of the two’s storied history in the comics. Not only could the two team up to fight M’baku or Klaw, but there’s a potential romantic element, as these two get married in the comics. This might be harder to accomplish, as Storm now has several past-vs-present iterations. But if this film helps to remedy the convoluted timelines of the X-Men films, then it can’t come soon enough.

4. Thing and Hulk

HulkThingImagine Rocky, if Rocky were made out of actual rocks. Okay, that’s over-simplifying it, but imagine seeing these two duke it out. Hulk doesn’t have that many people who can match him in brute punching power. Seeing a sarcastic Ben Grimm paired with the brute power of Banner could make for a great dynamic.

5. Iron Man and Doctor Doom


We know the possibility of Iron Man 4 exists, though it’s hard to say if it’ll happen or not. If it does happen, then Tony Stark needs a really good villain. Marvel needs to give him something better than the half-assed Mandarin of Iron Man 3. So if a crossover between Marvel and Fox were to happen, one potential enemy for Iron Man would be Doctor Doom. Victor Von Doom is one of the few people who could match Stark’s intelligence, giving Tony a real fight. Not to mention that Doom has his own suit, magical powers, and a whole country at his side. This could make for an engaging, edgy, entertaining return to the Iron Man series.

6. Hawkeye and Gambit

Hawkeye GambitThis crossover may not be as obvious, but would be entertaining nonetheless. Hawkeye may not be many people’s favorite Avenger, but he’s still an accomplished marksman, and his involvement with the Avengers has really boosted his hero credit. Teaming up with Gambit, the street-wise gambler, could make for an entertaining film. Hawkeye is a strong Marvel utility player, and Gambit could use a more experienced hand to help guide him into the hero-ing business.

7. Marvel Illuminati

Marvel Illuminati

This one might be harder to pull off. For those unfamiliar, the Illuminati is the coalition of Marvel’s most powerful geniuses, gathered together to keep the world in order (secretly). They handled things like the Superhero Registration Act, the impending Skrull invasion, and shipping Hulk off into space for a bit. While not many of these plot lines happen in the movies, there’s still plenty craziness for these gentlemen to discuss. It would make sense for Iron Man, Professor X, and Mr. Fantastic to meet about the problems with Thanos, or the various problems with re-written X-Men timelines. There’d likely be a lot of talking, but seeing the head honchos of a shared Marvel universe pull strings behind the scenes could still be an intriguing new look at the franchise.

8. Black Widow and Mystique

Black Widow MystiqueThis pair has the potential to be the most dangerous espionage squad ever. Black Widow has paid her dues as a secret agent for both Soviet Russia and SHIELD. Mystique has the ability to shape-shift into anyone, using her powers to upset the US government. Not to mention that we’ve seen these two kick their fair share of ass in X-Men and Avengers. If these two went on a secret mission together, overthrowing some sort of evil terrorist faction, it’s hard to imagine them losing.

9. Mister Fantastic and the Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy Mister FantasticAs delightful as the Guardians are, they’re a group of disorderly scoundrels. That’s part of what makes them so endearing. However, when faced with especially dangerous and clever enemies, the group could probably use a genius level-headed leader on their side. And if anyone’s up to the task, it’s Reed Richards. While the movies haven’t given a super satisfying portrayal of Mister Fantastic, his re-introduction into the MCU could totally reinvent his character for the better. Seeing him guide this rag-tag team with his intellect and experience could really help this unit become more cohesive.

10. Scarlet Witch and… Quicksilver…

Quicksilver Scarlet WitchAww, now I’m sad.

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