Tom Holland Snaps Photos From ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Set In Queens

Spider-Man: Homecoming is living up to its name as the cast and crew moved from Atlanta to Queens this week. Since the move, tons of photos surfaced online of Tom Holland both in and out of his Spidey suit.

Spider-Man Comes Home

If New York could wear a t-shirt, it would probably read “I heart Marvel”. The city loves their superheroes and treats them like real royalty, most recently with a real-life statue for Captain America in Brooklyn. But Queens is catching up in the race for Marvel cred, as the Homecoming crew is now filming in the streets and skies there.

With open sets comes greater visibility, and fans are flocking to the area to get their own shots of the Spider-Man cast and crew. Holland has been caught on film in subways, alleys, and right on the streets in Queens. However, he’s doing some photo sharing of his own on his personal instagram.

First night in queens and it feels like home already #spidermanhomecoming

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While my personal favorite costume is this fancy pjama set, the photos also show us Holland sans-CGI all suited up (above). This is a nice change from the plentiful stop motion shots, or stunt double pictures we’ve gotten before.

Tom Holland Brings Spider-Man To the Ground

Some folks were worried that Spider-Man was getting too far from his comics roots. Objections were plentiful–he’s too Hollywood, he’s played by actors that are too old etc. But Holland brings the Peter Parker back to Spider-Man, and it shows. Holland looks equally as home in his pithy t-shirts as he does on the red carpet. The fan response since the Queens photos emerged is generally positive, from fans old and new alike.

Based on characters from Marvel comics, Spider-Man: Homecoming is directed by Jon Watts. Homecoming stars Tom Holland (Peter Parker), Robert Downy Jr. (Tony Stark), Zendaya (Michelle???) and Marisa Tomei (Aunt May).

Homecoming‘s current release date is July 7th, 2017.

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