Thought Blast: The Ultimate Shut Down on X-Men in The MCU (For Now)

In a story covered on the Monkeys Fighting Robots express, did anyone really think the X-Men would hit the MCU? Speculated in constant online columns, articles, and endless chatter on social media. Kevin Feige managed to put a smackdown on that speculation in a big way. Fox is in a state of flux with X-Men overall, but they’re still profitable for them. On the other side, Marvel is stacked with projects from here until 2019. Every time the idea of X-Men coming to the MCU appears, it gets knocked down, so why does it keep popping up? Well let’s dive into this more, heck I know I got a lot of thoughts on it. So let’s get started.

X-Men: Forever Radical, just not in the MCU (For Now)

Yes, I would love to see the X-Men in the Marvel Cinematic Universe; it would be cool. There is nothing but love for this even remotely happening. For Fox right now, it wouldn’t make sense. Fox isn’t in the shape Sony was in with Spider-Man. In the case of Sony, they were limping along with Spider-Man and it made sense for Sony and Marvel to team up. Until the day comes when Fox cannot make any money with X-Men, Fox will hold on to that franchise.

Now you will reference X-Men: Apocalypse and while it didn’t make billions of dollars, it made over $543 Million dollars worldwide. While it didn’t do brilliantly domestically, that worldwide number is nothing to sneeze at. Add this to the playing field, a New Mutants movie is happening. We still have¬†Logan coming up in March, Deadpool 2 on the way, and Fox still has a lot to do with the X-Men in the coming years. There is a lot still on the docket with Fox and X-Men. Even on TV, with the upcoming Legion TV series and other stories, Fox has a tight reign on X-Men.

Take note of this for anyone enjoying the idea of Fox doing R-Rated films along the line of Deadpool, Disney/Marvel wouldn’t be game for it. Not saying it wouldn’t happen, but Marvel is staying strictly PG-13 and an R-Rated anything in The Great Mouse Empire likely would be a no go. With Logan being an R-Rated film as well, Fox is willing to take their characters in a tougher direction movie wise. With the MCU, it would be awesome but you’d never see an R-Rated film out of the X-Franchise again. Not that I’m for everything being R-Rated but it is food for thought.

Since Wolverine and Deadpool have had Mature Readers stories, R-Ratings for either franchise works.

The ultimate part of this Thought Blast though is will the X-Men end up in the MCU? Will we see the X-Men in the Marvel Movies and even live action TV series? Well, the answer is, likely yes. Eventually, this will happen, the X-Men will end up back at Marvel, just not for a long time. Alas, this won’t put an end to every think piece on this subject. These sort of pieces will never end but unless something crazy happens, I won’t be writing much of a think piece on this myself for awhile. There’s only so many think pieces one can write on this. TThis is more a way of processing my own thoughts out into the grand universe of the Internet.

If you want to chat about it with me, I’m not hard to find. Leave a comment below and tell me what you think. Always happy to talk about this stuff, good or bad comments alike. Until then, thanks for reading! Thought Blast over.


Wesley Messer
Wesley Messer
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