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Review: SHATTERSTAR #1 Is Clever, Fun and Heartfelt

Writer Tim Seeley and artist Carlos Villa bring new life and dimension to one of Marvel's most beloved 90s cult-characters in the inventive and...

Review: X-Force Takes Aim At Young Cable In An Action-Packed EXTERMINATION #3

Ed Brisson, Pepe Larraz, Marte Gracia and Joe Sabino deliver another action-packed chapter in Extermination #3. As all the mutant heroes are attacked in...

Review: Deadpool 2 Is Double The Insanity And Triple The Fun

David Leitch's Deadpool 2 is the perfect mix of severed heads, pantsless vigilantes, awkward touching, and a narrative which is family-centric that will leave audiences delighted.

Post-Credit Scenes to Lead into X-MEN EXTERMINATION

You might remember that, back in April, Marvel hinted at a bigtime upcoming Extermination Event across multiple X-Men titles. The plan has now come...

8 Sequels, Prequels and Reboots We’ll Be Talking About This Summer

The studios are trotting out their best franchise fare this summer, but here are the ones most likely to make a splash online and at the box office.

Deadpool Channels Lloyd Dobler In New ‘Deadpool 2’ Image

In a day filled with Deadpool 2 news, Entertainment Weekly just debuted a brand new still from the movie. In the image, the Merc can...

Shatterstar Joins X-Force In Final Trailer For DEADPOOL 2

Thursday morning brought the release of the final trailer for Deadpool 2.  Laced between Deadpool's references to both the Marvel and DC cinematic universes...

The New Creative Team Does Wonders For CABLE

A new creative team comes in to give CABLE a much needed kickstart. Not only is this a great issue, but it’s easily one of the best issues for the character in years.

SILVER SURFER Film Currently In Development At Fox

On the heels of the success of Deadpool, Fox has begun developing a plethora of films using their Marvel properties. Movies such as Deadpool...