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David Leitch’s Deadpool 2 is the perfect mix of severed heads, pantsless vigilantes, awkward touching, and a family-centric narrative which will leave audiences delighted.

Often the crush of expectations can derail the success of a sequel, but Ryan Reynolds inner-merc (some might refer to it as his ability to be a smart-ass) was enough to overcome them. Deadpool 2 doesn’t seek to explore previously visited portions of Wilson’s rich source material but does take the time expand where the narrative of the first film left off. Each member of Wade’s inner circle experiences some evolution (even our lovable, foul-mouthed, unicorn loving hero). Now, this doesn’t mean Deadpool is suddenly a rational crime fighter; it just means even cocaine sniffing spandex wearing slayers of bad guys can gain perspective.

Deadpool 2

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To avoid spoiling the film, the only thing fans need to know is Wade Wilson has taken his hero for hire campaign internationally. Writers Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick, and Reynolds developed a story which seamlessly connected the original film with their vision of an expanded universe for Deadpool. What was remarkable is how close they remained to the source material. The comedic beats appeared effortless and tailored towards Reynolds brand of humor. Reese and Wernick not only have a good sense of their co-writers comedic talents, but they were also able to bring out the best in the ensemble.

Josh Brolin shows the world why he was chosen to play Cable by turning in a strong performance highlighting the physicality and emotional torment of our favorite time traveling soldier. Zazie Beetz is fantastic as Domino. The chemistry between Beetz and Reynolds is undeniable which makes me hopeful for any future X-Force film. Loved how the narrative gave Stefan Kapicic (Colossus) an expanded role. Kapicic is excellent in the original movie, and the trend continues in Deadpool 2. Brianna Hildebrand returns as Negasonic Teenage Warhead providing great moments as she is continually clashing with Deadpool.

Leitch managed to keep the pace consistent allowing for no lag in the film. He utilized quite a few closeup shots to enhance the vicious action sequences. Those moments certainly had a Kill Bill Volume 2 vibe to them. During the more emotional moments, he went to a two-shot allowing both participants to share the spotlight. Even though there was some drama surrounding who was directing the Deadpool sequel, Leitch indeed shows why he was the best director to move this franchise forward.

Johnathan Sela’s cinematography indeed is on display during the numerous action sequences in Deadpool. Sela used camera placement to enhance the hilarity of the scenes. For example, by shooting behind Deadpool and Weasel, it made the interview scenes hysterical. Speaking of hysterical, the post-credit scenes in the film are the best of any superhero film. Any slight hint would ruin how great they are. Just remember to stay until the very end of Deadpool 2.

Overall, fans couldn’t have asked for a better sequel which appeals to both the hardcore and regular comic book readers. Reynolds will be forever tied to this role (in the same way Robert Downey, Jr. is connected to Iron Man). Even if you aren’t a fan of comic books, but are looking to laugh your ass off, then this film should indeed be on your list.

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deadpool-2-2'Deadpool 2' is the rare instance where a sequel lives up to lofty expectations.