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The New Mutants

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Review: SHATTERSTAR #1 Is Clever, Fun and Heartfelt

Writer Tim Seeley and artist Carlos Villa bring new life and dimension to one of Marvel's most beloved 90s cult-characters in the inventive and...

NEW MUTANTS: DEAL SOULS #6 Is A Fantastically Weird Ending

New Mutants: Dead Souls #6 is out today, ending the already wonderfully strange story in even weirder fashion that anyone was probably expecting.

MULTIPLE MAN #1 – A Dead Man’s Party

Marvel's hotshot writer Matthew Rosenberg continues his recent hot streak with Multiple Man #1, bringing back our favorite multiplying mutant, Jamie Madrox! The former X-Factor leader is resurrected and re-purposed in spectacular fashion.

Is FOX’s X-Men Universe Being Retrofitted For The MCU?

In sports, when a player is about to be traded to another team, the player in question sits on the bench to avoid injury. This could be the case for delays of X-Men: Dark Phoenix and The New Mutants by 20th Century Fox.

THE NEW MUTANTS to Add Another Team Member to the Film

It’s nothing new that The New Mutants release date was pushed back to 2019, but the reasoning behind the decision is brand new information. We...

KITTY PRYDE Solo Film In The Works – CODENAME 143

Brian Michael Bendis may have left Marvel Comics to write Superman, but he appears to be not done with Marvel yet as he and Tim Miller are developing a Kitty Pryde solo film, with Bendis writing the script and Miller directing, according to a report by The Hollywood Reporter.

Most Anticipated Movies Of 2018: Hey, Fandango! You Missed A Few

In a statement on Friday from movie ticketing company Fandango, the most anticipated movies for 2018 revolve around superheroes

Your 2018 To-Do List: What to Watch, See, Play and Read

This is going to be an epic year for movies. There is also so much to look forward to in regard to video games...

Disney Officially Buys Fox, Why It’s Big For Marvel

After weeks of rumors that a deal was coming, it finally became official. Disney now owns 21st Century Fox. This is the biggest Disney acquisition...