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Shawn Lee

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Review: A Power Shift Occurs In SONIC THE HEDGEHOG #25

Sonic The Hedgehog #25 celebrates the first comic book anniversary for the new series thanks to Ian Flynn, Adam Bryce Thomas, Matt Herms, and...

ROM: DIRE WRAITHS #1 Mixes Modern Comics With Silver Age Sci-Fi

Rom: Dire Wraiths #1 is a sci-fi throwback with a modern feel and IDW’s latest title for the legendary Spaceknight, Rom. The double-sized issue...

TMNT #100: Believe the Hype

IDW’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #100 fulfills the markers for a great comic. The culmination of years of plot lines? Yup. Big emotional hits?...

Review: PANDEMICA #2 When World Domination Goes Wrong

Mixing modern political concerns with theoretical end world scenarios, Pandemica is a hard hitting apocalypse story that cuts close to the bone.

Review: The Zombie Action Continues In SONIC THE HEDGEHOG #22

As the Zombots continue their rampage through IDW’s Sonic The Hedgehog, more and more cast members get corrupted. As more zombie tropes are utilized,...


Thanks to IDW Comics, Sonic The Hedgehog and team continue to fight against a virus turning everyone into zombie robots (Zombots), the team keeps...

Review: PANDEMICA #1 Throws Us Towards Armageddon

Pandemica is a refreshing take on an apocalyptic narrative and it’s obsession with the build-up gives it an edge over other comics in the same genre.

Review: MOUNTAINHEAD #1 Expressively Dark But Also Lacking

Mountainhead #1 from IDW Publishing has, without doubt, a stark, blood soaked, eye-catching opening. Expressive and darkly funny but lacking strong characters.

Review: DICK TRACY FOREVER #4 Storms Blindly Into The Future

Dick Tracy Forever #4 from IDW Publishing is a fun science fiction comic but constant references and busy panels act as a barrier to the core of the story.