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NEW MUTANTS #3 – Different Team, Same Recruitment Mission

There are some new mutants in town this Wednesday in Marvel Comics' NEW MUTANTS #3, no not the New Mutants, but another cast of...

NEW MUTANTS #1 – Old Crew, New Space Adventure

Space travel, snappy dialogue, interpersonal/group conflict, and action are just a few of the many amazing things you'll find this Wednesday in Marvel Comics'...

Spoiler-Free Review: EXCALIBUR #1 – Tini Howard Understands Pacing

Recently Marvel Comics has tackled mutant families in X-Men, and mutant pirates in Marauders, but this Wednesday they take the next step in EXCALIBUR...

Review: POWERS OF X #6 – Dawn of a New Life

X-Men and mutants everywhere are set up for many years of thrilling adventure after Powers of X #6, out this week from Marvel. Jonathan Hickman's...

Review: HOUSE OF X #6 – Poor Apocalypse Has No Friends

The living island becomes home to a thriving mutant society in House of X #6 out this week from Marvel. Jonathan Hickman is the man...

HOUSE OF X #5 – Get Ready For Your Mind To Be Blown

This week Marvel's mutant mania continues with HOUSE OF X #5. Jonathan Hickman's brain keeps spilling brilliance right into our hearts and minds, this chapter is particularly creative.

HOUSE OF X #4 – High-Octane Devastation

HOUSE OF X #4 drops this week from Marvel Comics. Jonathan Hickman and Pepe Larraz deliver a pulse-pounding issue that doles out multiple gut punches.

POWERS OF X #3: A Plot To Unplug Nimrod

This week POWERS OF X #3 drops a fast-paced test of how well you've been paying attention to Jonathan Hickman's bold vision. We spend all our time in Year One Hundred and see a plan unfold intended to unplug Nimrod.

POWERS OF X #2 – “We Are Together, Or We Are Nothing”

POWERS OF X #2 unleashes the next wave of Hickman's X-Men vision this week. Simply put, there's no valid excuse for X-Men fans not to be reading this.