NEW MUTANTS #1 embraces the feeling of the original series while exploring its characters in a new breathtaking light. If you can only check out one Dawn of X title, it should be NEW MUTANTS!

NEW MUTANTS #1 – Old Crew, New Space Adventure

Space travel, snappy dialogue, interpersonal/group conflict, and action are just a few of the many amazing things you’ll find this Wednesday in Marvel Comics’ phenomenal NEW MUTANTS #1!

Aren’t hip with the New Mutants? Or you just need a refresher on some of the characters? Check out Marvels roll call to get caught up!

Art by Rod Reis, Letters by VC’s Travis Lanham

New Mutants in Space

New Mutants #1 starts its story as a simple trip to space, with the group making their way to see a friend. That may not sound like a simple start, but for mutants that’s just another Sunday. But, with their ride being the famous Starjammers – a group of galactic pirate outlaws – it’s more like a Mutant Friday. Couple in their knack of not listening to authority figures, then you have one hell of a space trip.

Writers Jonathan Hickman and Ed Brisson keep the attitude upbeat, and the zingers fast with dialogue that makes you want to be one of the ‘cool’ New Mutants. If the X-Men were the adults that stay home and BBQ, then the New Mutants are the cool hip kids that go out Friday night and watch Jubilee in concert, even if they have work the next morning. Any moment a character speaks, one of the team has a retort ready in the saddle. But no two characters sound alike.

Instead, Hickman and Brisson can retain each member’s characteristics, while showcasing why/how they work as a team. By the end, the group of mutants starts to feel akin to a family, more than a team.

Art by Rod Reis, Letters by VC’s Travis Lanham

Respecting The Old, Embracing The New

One of the highlights of the original New Mutants run was the art provided by Bill Sienkiewicz. Even today people talk about it’s impact, and how unique it is. Artist Rod Reis style emulates Sienkiewicz, but never strays to far into the absurd. This limiting of absurdity bodes well, because as revered as the unique style is, it’s hard to market to new readers.

Only praising Reis with his likeness to Sienkiewicz is a disservice of how great his art is. Between the fluid lines and watercolor esque look, Reis’ art is jaw-droppingly beautiful. Nearly every page will have you rereading it, but instead of words, you’ll be scanning the pencil and colorwork. Reis executes one of the few fighting moments with raw chaos, yet is still able to contain the pencils and colors in the panels. Or when personal moments happen between characters, Reis drops the background emphasizing what transpires.

Keeping pace with Reis’ art and colors is a grand task, seeing how abstract and chaotic it can become. Throughout New Mutants #1, VC’s Travis Lanham can keep said pace. This is seen exponentially in the two moments Lanham uses sound effects during the Magik and Raza. In this clash of steel, Lanham bends the lettering around the action, never getting in its way, yet still standing out gloriously.

Art by Rod Reis, Letters by VC’s Travis Lanham

To Space And Beyond!

New Mutants #1 is one of the best first issues to come out of the recent Dawn of X line. Between its fun and lovable characters, high stakes plot, and breathtaking art New Mutants deserves a spot in your pull list.

Cover Story: Graphic designer, Tom Muller knocks it out of the park again with an abstract cover! Much like the Excalibur #1 cover, I don’t know if it means anything deep. But it’s awesome!

Variant Cover by Tom Muller

Memorable Quote: “If you ask me to do that again, I’m probably going to punch you in the face. So. Many. Times.” – Mondo

I wouldn’t call myself a Mutant Master, but as a kid, I did own the Marvel X-Men The Ultimate Guide. Meaning, I knew my fair share of mutants. But, I’ve never heard of Mondo, and after New Mutants #1, I’m a fan of him.

Old Reader, New Reader

Four titles under the belt and two more to go how do you feel about the new line of X titles? Comment below with your thoughts.

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NEW MUTANTS #1 embraces the feeling of the original series while exploring its characters in a new breathtaking light. If you can only check out one Dawn of X title, it should be NEW MUTANTS!NEW MUTANTS #1 - Old Crew, New Space Adventure