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What Is Lost in WEB OF BLACK WIDOW #3

Natasha's quest for truth continues in Web of Black Widow #3, but this issue raises just as many questions as it answers. Leaving readers eager to see what's next.

How Gwen’s Planning Needs Work in GWENPOOL STRIKES BACK #2

Gwenpool Strikes Back #2 continues Gwenpool’s quest for relevancy, bringing yet another chaotic scheme of hers to fruition, with lots of laughs along the way.

A New Team Forms in IRONHEART #10

Ironheart #10 is full of twists and turns, humor and tension. It’s a perfectly balanced issues, and one that will be remembered for some time.

Review: FANTASTIC FOUR 4 YANCY STREET #1 – The Ben Grimm Story We Deserve

Are you tired of interstellar travel that somehow always starts a war with aliens? Or any of the weirdly obscure adventures the Fantastic Four...

How Adjustments Are Made in RUNAWAYS #24

Runaways #24 is full of character depth and development – with everyone so preoccupied on their own goals that they’ve forgotten what brought them together. But it feels like there’s a reminder looming on the horizon.

Review: MARVEL COMICS #1000 Celebrates History While Beginning a New Mystery

Marvel Comics #1000 Celebrates the 80th anniversary of Marvel's debut comic (Marvel Comics #1) under original publisher Timely Comics, the big 80th-anniversary issue hits...

How FEARLESS #2 Lives Up to Its Name

Fearless #2 lives up to the promises of the name, bringing us iconic characters and risky plots that are both strong and emotionally compelling.

Review: POWERS OF X #1 – A New Epic Beginning For The X-Men

Jonathon Hickman’s Powers of X #1 gives fans tangible evidence that his run will be one of X-Men’s best. The art team consisting of...

SENTRY #2 Review: Jeff Lemire Is On Fire 🔥🔥🔥

Jeff Lemire flies through SENTRY #2 with Bob frantically searching for his Confluctor before time runs out and the Sentry appears. Will Bob find the Confluctor...
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