Fearless #2 lives up to the expectations created by the title, with fun and daring plots and brilliant artwork.

How FEARLESS #2 Lives Up to Its Name

FEARLESS #2, out this week from Marvel Comics is a collection of short stories that are not afraid to take risks in the subject matter or stories told. These tales are both strong and emotionally compelling. And for many readers out there, this is exactly what we needed and wanted to see.

Storm looking fierce on the cover of Fearless #2


Like the first issue, Fearless #2 has three short stories within its pages. Each short has a different creative team behind it, yet the three work together thanks to their predominant focus (the strong female characters in Marvel).

One of the three short stories in this collection is continued from Fearless #1, so if you haven’t read that one, you should check it out before picking up this issue.

Ms. Marvel has been pulled into the ‘Campfire Song’ plot in Fearless #2.

The first short story in Fearless #2 is called ‘Campfire Song Part 2’, and as you can guess, is the short that is continued from before. This plot is going to be the only one to make it into all three issues of Fearless, so in many ways, it could be considered the backbone of the series.

This whole plot seems to be partially about bringing some of the most iconic Marvel women into one location. The reason for their being there seems innocent enough, but there’s an insidious undertone that has left readers concerned from the very start. And if the conclusion of this plot is any indication, we’ve had a very good reason to be worried.

Seanan McGuire is the author behind this short story, as well as the first (and later, third) parts of the tale. She’s managed to weave together multiple character plots so that it makes sense for these ladies to converge in one place. And the undertone mentioned above has been on point – subtle, but unmistakably present.

McGuire perfectly captures the oppression that many mutants (and Inhumans) face in this world. And she does so in a context that many young adults can connect to. That alone makes this plot one worth reading.

Claire Roe (artist) and Rochelle Rosenberg (colorist) did a fantastic job bringing this plot to life. The characters were all depicted in a more relaxed setting, even dressing down in some cases (Carol went for the plaid because of course, she did).

Ever wanted to see Night Nurse kick butt? Wish granted.

The second plot in this issue is titled ‘Night Nurse: A Cape of Her Own’ and features the one and only, Night Nurse. Okay, the title totally gave that part away. But moving on… This issue gave the Night Nurse a real chance to shine. She makes appearances in many comics, but this is the first plot that truly and completely revolved around her. And it proved that she can be a hero in every sense of the word.

This plot perfectly balanced the more intense moments with little bits of humor. After all, who doesn’t want to see Night Nurse cold clock an antagonist with a fire extinguisher? And it has a few unexpected cameos as well, to round things out.

Karla Pacheco wrote this tale, and she clearly didn’t hesitate to give the Night Nurse her due. Iolanda Zanfardino provided the lines for the short, and Rachelle Rosenberg appeared once again for the coloring. Together they made something truly unforgettable.

Our two favorite girls are back on the case.

The last short in Fearless #2 is by far the shortest of the three. But in many ways, it took some of the biggest risks. This one was titled, very simply, ‘X-23’ and naturally focused on Laura and her sister, Scout.

Together our clones invade a facility that supposedly housed a bunch of their clones; only to find something even more horrifying inside. There is some strong political commentary going on here, all without directly stating it as such. Regardless, it’s clear how our creative team feels about this particular issue.

Eve Ewing took her emotions and opinions to paper for ‘X-23’, being the writer of this short. Meanwhile, Alitha Martinez was the lead artist, and Rachelle Rosenberg providing the colors. The darker shading shown here perfectly complemented the dark tones of this story.

An amazing cast of characters, and an equally impressive creative team.

Fearless #2 had a few elements that made their way through all three stories, tying them all together. The first element, of course, has to do with the leading characters. All are iconic ladies from the Marvel universe – and some of our favorites at that.

The second element you may have already picked up on; Rachelle Rodriguez. She was the colorist for all three of these tales. The third piece is on a similar vein; Cardinal Rae provided the lettering for the entire issue; thus giving us a visual connection between the three. It made everything feel nice and cohesive, despite the difference in focus.

In the end, Fearless #2 proved to be exactly what it promised; fearless. These plots have taken quite a few risks, while also showing us exactly what these leading characters are capable of. And now we seriously can’t wait to see what will be in store for Fearless #3.

Cat Wyatt
Cat Wyatt
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Fearless #2 lives up to the expectations created by the title, with fun and daring plots and brilliant artwork. How FEARLESS #2 Lives Up to Its Name