Web of Black Widow #3 is another dynamic addition to Widow's story. This is a prime example of how complex her stories can become.

What Is Lost in WEB OF BLACK WIDOW #3

WEB OF BLACK WIDOW #3, out this Wednesday from Marvel Comics, continues Natasha’s journey to find the truth – and the person digging up her past. The series so far is a gritty tale that fans of the Black Widow will adore.

This cover looks mildly concerning for our Black Widow, does it not?


Black Widow‘s series has always excelled at questioning some of the darker elements within Marvel. Natasha’s backstory alone opened a pathway for that discussion. But this latest plot arc in Web of Black Widow #3 has taken it further than ever.

The past is never far behind. And it doesn’t matter if you can remember it or not – you cannot run from it. Even Natasha, who is willing to face this problem head-on, is going to have some difficulties. All thanks to the memory loss she’s learning – and how it was more significant than she initially assumed.

A refresher (up top) for those who need it, and an excellent view of all the creative members involved.

Web of Black Widow #3 does an excellent job of weaving several plots together. As with the last few issues of the series – the past and the present are dancing with one another. Slowly, they’re merging into something so much more significant.

Jody Houser has done an interesting job here, forcing Black Widow’s history to the forefront. Even in the way the story is being told makes it clear that there are holes in the story. And that means there are holes in Natasha’s memory.

There were some truly fascinating moments within this issue. And all because the series has taken the time to set the scene. It makes us wonder what will be next – because it’s clear that they’re building up to something.

This is going to be interesting…

Web of Black Widow #3 hosts a variety of dramatic moments, and thus there are plenty of opportunities for the artists to have some fun. Ironically, while the fight scenes are exciting to look at – they aren’t the highlight of the issue. No, that award goes to the flashbacks.

Each issue has shown us a different set of events from Natasha’s past. But this issue had some of the most striking examples. Perhaps the best decision of all was not to fully render secondary characters in the scene. Instead, they appeared blown out – more of a glowing white than a person with identifiable features. It resonated strongly with the concept of Widow missing parts of her memory.

Stephen Mooney (pencils and inks), Triona Farrell (coloring), and VC’s Cory Petit (lettering) worked together to bring us this issue. And their teamwork is notable. It’ll be interesting to see what they decide to tackle next.

And an old ally suddenly comes into focus.

Web of Black Widow #3 was a strong addition to the series. Black Widow seems to be a bit closer to answering the mystery at hand. And yet there is still so much that we need to learn about what is happening. And this issue seemed to raise more along the way.

It’s a solid issue, reminding us that Natasha is and always was more than what her previous employers wanted her to be. And yet, there is still a tie to her past. One that she’ll never be able to cut free from.

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Web of Black Widow #3 is another dynamic addition to Widow's story. This is a prime example of how complex her stories can become. What Is Lost in WEB OF BLACK WIDOW #3