SENTRY #2 Review: Jeff Lemire Is On Fire 🔥🔥🔥

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Jeff Lemire flies through SENTRY #2 with Bob frantically searching for his Confluctor before time runs out and the Sentry appears. Will Bob find the Confluctor in time? Will Sentry finally make an appearance in the real world? And, who stole the Confluctor anyway? Let’s find out!

WRITTEN BY: Jeff Lemire
ART BY: Kim Jacinto and Joshua Cassara
COLORS: Rain Beredo
LETTERS: Travis Lanham




Sentry 2-1


Bob calls Doctor Strange, Tony Stark, and even tries his friend Billy for help BUT no one helps. After a surprise attack from Misty Knight, Bob wakes up in an underground bunker “for his own protection.” This “protection” doesn’t sit well and the Sentry bursts onto the scene.  Issue 2 ends with Bob somehow ending up inside the Confluctor, the Sentry out on the prowl, and Billy as the mastermind who stole the Confluctor in the first place.

Sentry 2-2

The Goods

Lemire dives right into the issue fast and furious. He connects the reader to Bob immediately making everyone on edge. Also, the audience is aware Bob is going to pop, but Lemire dangles the carrot of when. Each turn of the page I wondered when it would happen and why. Excellent job Lemire!

I know very little about the Sentry, his sidekicks, and the Void. However, Lemire drew me into this world and made me care for these characters after only two issues. That is a gift that not all writers have, BUT Lemire has it in spades. I can’t wait for issue 3!

Sentry 2-3

The Art

Jacinto and Cassara do a fantastic job making the art feel real by giving the characters so much detail. The action sequences are dynamic, bright, and vibrant. Furthermore, Beredo’s color choices make the art pop off the page. Jacinto and Cassara know how to draw facial expressions and emotions that fit with Lemire‘s dialogue, AND the panel layout is so easy to follow. All of this mixed with Lemire‘s story and Lanham’s lettering make this issue fun, fast, and a great read.

Sentry 2-4

Should you buy this issue?

Definitely! The art is tremendous and Lemire makes Sentry, as well as Bob, so exciting.  Readers know it’s only a matter of time before Sentry loses his &@%!.  I had a feeling Billy stole the Confluctor, but Lemire, Jacinto, and Cassara make him seem so evil on the last page. I’m excited to find out what drove him over the top.

Ultimately, you need to get this issue because this sucker is going to get nuclear soon and we’re only on issue 2. Lemire already gave readers Cranio, Sentry, Tony Stark, and his partner turned villain. What more could you want from a comic book?

Sentry 2-5

Should you add this to your pull list?

Issue 1 and 2 have been great. For someone who doesn’t know a ton about the Sentry, Lemire is gradually introducing elements to the character and explaining the inner workings of Bob and his supporting cast. With issues dedicated mostly to the “not so super” Bob, Lemire is making them entertaining, fast-paced, and a ton of fun. Now, with the roof ripped clean off this sucker, I’m excited to see where it goes next. Add this to your pull now because Sentry is on the loose and I have no doubt the poop will hit the air conditioner next issue!

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