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Using quick pacing, witty humor, colorful, eye-popping art, and classic adventure storytelling, Jeff Lemire and Joe Bennett lead readers through another Terrific tale. Will the Terrifics escape? Is Algon the true villain mastermind behind all of this? Will Lemire official name the dog Muttamorpho? Let’s find out!

The Terrifics #6

STORY BY: Jeff Lemire and Joe Bennett
INKS: Sandra Hope and  Matt Santorelli
LETTERS: Tom Napolitano





We last left The Terrifics trapped in the Elemental Realm by Algon. His goal was to trap Metamorpho there in his place so he could be free.  But, our heroes gain the upper hand, sneak back through the portal home, and use the Orb of Ra to close the door behind them. The issue doesn’t end there!  It turns out, Doctor Dread orchestrated everything since day one, and now he’s going to kill the only person who could help the Terrifics get back to normal; Tom Strong!

Just Terrific

Readers finally get part of Mister Terrifics backstory, which is fantastic. If I was to guess, people probably know very little about Terry Holt. Now, it looks like his wife, Paula, was in a car accident and died. As much as it was interesting to get a glimpse into Terry’s past, how it happened was a bit confusing.

Was it a dream? Is she trapped in the Elemental Realm too? Lemire and Bennett were probably using this issue as an opportunity to introduce his past and nothing more, which was needed in the story.  However, I wish it was more clear as to “how” it was happening.

Plastic Man is a Hit

The extra detail involved with Plastic Man is awe-inspiring. Not only does Lemire and Bennett make him witty and humorous, but how they choose to draw him is what adds so much to the book and the character. For example, when he searches for his team, his eyes turn into binoculars. Or, Plastic Man sings songs to himself while he turns his body into a doom buggy driving around to find his team. These are just some examples of the silly extras that make Eel a hit!

Lemire and Bennett do a great job making Eel goofy while also showing readers that he can be earnest, astute, and thoughtful. More and more, readers see that Plastic Man is indeed reliable, but at the same time,  he beats to his own drum. Lemire and Bennett hammer this idea home throughout the issue. He’s not the rock of the team. But, he’s the glue that will hold everyone together.

Team Chemistry 

Lemire and Bennett do a terrific job making this team feel like they’ve always been here. They are giving readers what REBIRTH promised: hope, fun, love, family, and connection. This is the first book since the relaunch of REBIRTH that feels this way to me. And, I never realized how much I needed it.

Just the simple family dynamics between the characters like Metamorpho’s nickname for Plastic Man (Silly Putty), or adding a dog to the family (Muttamorpho), or how Mister Terrific comes off like everyone’s Dad, contributes to making this issue hit the essential elements that have been missing for years in DC comi.cs

Jus.t one more thing

The issue appears to wrap up quickly. After a couple of punches, the team just got the upper hand somehow. It just felt too quick. Then, the Terrifics managed to escape the Elemental realm just as fast. As much as I enjoy little dialogue and fast-paced issues, I still want more of an explanation as to how they escaped so easily.

Lastly, readers see the parallels between the Terrifics and the Fantastic Four. Now, we end this issue with Doctor Dread. Holt’s humor at this spot is hilarious but is this villain mastermind meant to be their Doctor Doom? I don’t know how I feel about that yet.

Should you buy this issue?

Yes! However, it’s not a great jumping on point. If you read the last issue, as well as the series to his point, you got to read this. Under the leadership of Lemire and Bennett, the four panel layout tells a great story of each character simultaneously and really throws readers into the story. It’s not text heavy, and this creative team lets the art tell the story.

Should you add this to your pull list?

Definitely! This series is fast, fun, and loose. Hi-Fi makes this issue so bright and colorful. The images pop off the page. It’s humorous, witty, and action-packed each issue. This series isn’t mind-blowing or revolutionary to the industry, but it’s something DC has needed for a long time.

Lemire and Bennett take a bunch of C and D list heroes and make them feel like they’ve always been together.  This character team works! This creative team works! And, it’s perfect for all pull lists.


Lemire and Bennett: it looks like you went with Elemental Dog. That’s not a bad name. However, I said this in the last review, and I’ll say it again: how about Muttamorpho?  It does have a great ring to it!

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