THE TERRIFICS #5 Review: Elementary My Dear Rex Mason


THE TERRIFICS #5 storytelling by Doc Shaner &Jeff Lemire, colors by Nathan Fairbairn, and letters by Tom Napolitano bursts onto our shelves this week as Shaner and Lemire use ingenious creativity, as well as witty banter, to take our Terrific Team on what feels like a nostalgic “Elementary” adventure that’s been missing in DC comics for a long time.

Why, it’s Elementary, my dear Watson. Unless you’ve read this week’s installment of The Terrifics, or merely want to know what happens anyway, now is the time to turn back before I drop SPOILERS up in this School House.

Shaner and Lemire give the reader a terrific tale this week. The story opens with large panel pages dedicating one panel to each of our heroes. The purpose was to show the reader how the team is transitioning after the dark matter forced them to stay together.

Review: the Terrifics issue 5

Terrifics Team Chemistry

Shaner and Lemire do a great job moving from one panel to the next telling different stories while having the same tone continue in the next panel with a different character. This type of storytelling is difficult to weave together but Shaner and Lemire pull it off beautifully. At one point, the Terrifics are finishing each other’s sentences from one panel to the next. This truly is an amazing comic that everyone needs to read.

Review: the Terrifics issue 5

The Terrifics get an alert and find that Belmont Michigan has Metamorphoed literally! Just look at this splash page. There is so much going on, but Doc Shaner, Jeff Lemire, and Nathan Fairbairn do a phenomenal job keeping it clean and uncluttered. The detail of the people affected, as well as the variety of ways the elemental abilities are manifesting, is smart and creative. The drastic color choices on the page by Fairbairn help make each elemental ability pop out at the reader.

Review: the Terrifics issue 5

Terrific Storytelling

Take a look at this next page above. This is an example of how clever and funny a good creative team can make a comic. While telling a great story, we get fantastic art done in such a humorous way that truly mimics the abilities of both Plastic Man and Metamorpho while telling a great story. This is how a team book is done.

Review: the Terrifics issue 5

It turns out; there was an Ancient Elemental Man before Metamorpho. He was trapped in this Elemental Realm for millennia and needed someone capable of switching places with him. He escaped, caused all of this chaos to draw out Rex, and wants to trap Metamorpho in the realm instead of him.

Review: the Terrifics issue 5

Using the Orb of Ra which gave Rex Mason his Elemental abilities, the Ancient Elemental Man successfully captures Metamorpho. He takes him to his realm where he will live out the rest of his days trapped forever. Finally, the Terrifics dive into the portal after him with their new friend Muttamorpho.

The dog’s name hasn’t been stated yet, but I hope Shaner and Lemire are reading this, take the name, and make him a permanent character in this book! Maybe they’re reading this right now? No one has to know you borrowed it from me.

Review: the Terrifics issue 5

Should you pick up this issue?

Totally! THE TERRIFICS is a must read each month. Shaner and Lemire are a true team. Just look at how they present themselves as storytellers on the cover. These two have figured out a way to give this brand new book a classic feel.

Should you add this series to your pull?

Absolutely! Between the clever dialogue, the fun adventures, and the terrific art, this book is something I look forward to each month. This issue is truly a terrific time to jump on board.

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