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Review: IRON MAN #1 Enters A Mid-Life Crisis For Tony Stark

IRON MAN #1, available from Marvel Comics on September 16th, finds Tony Stark trying to give up his business ties, his dependencies on technology,...

Review: IRON MAN 2020 #6 Brings It All Together

Iron Man 2020 #6 delivers an ending to the 2020 event thanks to Dan Slott, Christos Gage, Pete Woods, VC’s Joe Caramanga. After starting...

Review: Tony Strikes Back In IRON MAN 2020 #5

Iron Man 2020 #5 has Tony Stark return to stop his brother Arno thanks to Christos Gage, Dan Slott, Pete Woods and VC’s Joe...

Review: EMPYRE #3 Establishes The Event As A Potential Secret Invasion Sequel

Empyre #3 leaves us wanting a follow-up to one of Marvel's most famous events.

Review: EMPYRE #2 Is Stuck In Neutral

Empyre #2 loses itself in a lengthy history lesson.


Marvel Action Classics: Avengers #1 dives into two quirky tales surrounding favorite Avengers and the strange antics they get into during their downtime.

Review: IRON MAN 2020 #4 Builds Towards Greatness

The robots are on the run in Iron Man 2020 #4, and Dan Slott, Christos Gage, Pete Woods, Celeste Woods, and VC’s Joe Caramanga...

SPIDER-MAN LIFE STORY: The Potential For Multiple Spin-Offs

Spider-Man Life Story written by Chip Zdarsky with art by Mark Bagley is one of the best series of Marvel Comics in recent memory,...

Review: FORCE WORKS 2020 #3 – U.S. Agent Has A Moment

Force Works 2020 #3 is a fun, if not slightly vacuous, ending to Matthew Rosenberg's first story arc. It is a fine thematic addition...
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