Is ‘Justice League’ Going Through “Major” Reshoots?

Reshoots have made their way to the DC Cinematic Universe’s upcoming Justice League, according to a report at Splash Report.

Now, for all the standard disclaimers: reshoots are normal, many films as big as Justice League go through reshoots, etcetera etcetera. But this news seems to indicate that the reshoots are basically remaking the entire movie. Yes yes, that sounds incredibly normal, everything is fine, nothing to see here.

The anonymous source who spoke to Splash Report said these reshoots will pretty much remake the whole thing… twice:

They refused to offer any further details, but they said that Warner Bros. is really putting everything it has into overhauling the movie. Apparently, they didn’t like what they were seeing and so the film has had a lot of work put into trying to make it better while on its way towards its November 2017 release.

Take this however you’d like, but before all the tinfoil hat DCEU fans get angry, I just want to say don’t shoot the messenger. I am inherently more attached to the DC characters than anyone over at the MCU, I love these heroes and want to see them do well in a big cinematic universe. But Zack Snyder has, to this point, made it incredibly difficult to get behind his vision.

Wonder Woman looks great, buzz seems decent thus far, and it’s directed by Patty Jenkins. NOT Zack Snyder. There was little to no mention of reshoots with Wonder Woman, which is positive, and I hope it’s as great and exciting as it looks. But David Ayer’s Suicide Squad underwent “extensive reshoots” before its release and that movie turned out to be an epic disaster in just about every way. I’m all for the DCEU forging their own path in the opposite direction of the canned MCU assembly line movies. But this doesn’t appear to be working.

Fingers crossed that this news is nothing more than status quo. And who knows, it might be a complete fabrication. Some Warner Bros. insiders are flatly denying the rumors, so there’s that. But this same site broke news of Rogue One reshoots, though that turned out to be a terrific movie with limited reshoots, so this could be entirely overblown. But it sure sounds more concerning than a few changes here and there.

Justice League has a lt riding on it; if it’s a failure, I wouldn’t be totally shocked if the entire DCEU is scrapped and taken in an entirely different direction. They can’t keep shoveling out shit and expect fans of these characters to embrace Snyder’s vision. Unless the intent is to create enough controversy and make movies so uneven that people go to the theater just to see how much of a mess they are.

Justice League opens November 17.


Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
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