‘Superman: The Movie’ 3-Hour Director’s Cut is On The Way

Warner Bros. Archive Collection is going to treat fans of Superman: The Movie to a new, three-hour director’s cut on blu ray.

Richard Donner’s original is still a classic, and much has been made of his firing in the middle of Superman II, when Richard Lester took over the role. We got the “Donner Cut” of that about a decade back (which, if we’re being honest, suffers without the Paris scene. @ me), and Superman: The Movie has gotten a few special editions and re-releases throughout the years, and this will put the early 80s ABC extended cut footage together with never-before-seen clips.

So what’s in this new 188-minute version which runs 45 minutes longer than the theatrical version? IMDb has it all laid out, but if you just want a few ints, here ya go:

In the ABC version, after Superman saves Lois at the end and flies off, he’s seen rescuing Miss Tessmacher from the lions’ den where Lex had dropped her in.

In the ABC version, the little girl who sees the teenage Clark running faster than the train is revealed to be Lois Lane, a fact revealed when her parents talk to her by name. This revelation scene is not present in the shorter theatrical release.

The blu ray box is disturbing for my DVD OCD:

Superman: The Movie

Yikes. Let’s hope all this new footage doesn’t throw a wrench into what is still an incredible superhero fable, shot back in the days when these stories were more interested in birth and technicolor than rain and darkness and lightning and shit. It was a simpler time… now get off my lawn.

There’s no release date for this Superman: The Movie yet, but expect it before Christmas.

Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
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