Superhero Films ‘Wreck The Earth’ According To Jodi Foster

Looks like Ms. Foster Won’t Be Signing Up To Do A Superhero Flick Anytime Soon.

While discussing her role on Black Mirror with Radio Times Magazine, Oscar-winning actress Jodie Foster shared her thoughts on the plethora of superhero movies being released.

“Going to the movies has become like a theme park. Studios making bad content in order to appeal to the masses and shareholders is like fracking – you get the best return right now but you wreck the earth. It’s ruining the viewing habits of the American population and then ultimately the rest of the world. I don’t want to make $200m movies about superheroes,” said Foster.

When asked if she would ever consider doing this type of film she replied, only if they have a “really complex psychology”.

Foster isn’t the only A-lister who feels this way.  Jon Hamm, Naomi Watts, and Reese Witherspoon all avoid these types of roles as they feel it’s ruining the cinema.

Parish Hodges
Parish Hodges
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