Supergirl’s Jeremy Jordan Returns to Stage for ‘Newsies’ Film

In 1992, Disney produced one of it’s biggest box office flops of the studio’s history. Fast forward almost ten years, and that flop turned into a Broadway hit, complete with two Tony awards and an open-ended touring production. Now Newsies is swinging back around to film, but this time, you might get a chance to cameo.

Newsies From Film to Stage and Back Again

Filming will take place in Los Angeles when the Newsies tour is performing at the Pantages Theatre (August 30-September 4). It is unclear whether the show will be recorded with a live audience or not, but one thing is for certain: we’re getting original cast members Jeremy Jordan (Jack Kelly) and Kara Lindsay (Katherine Pulitzer). Other cast members have not been confirmed. Official sources such as are reluctant to rule them out.

Kara Lindsay Jeremy Jordan Newsies

Post-Newsies, Jordan went on to star in several other Broadway productions, and the short-lived television show Smash. More recently, Jordan’s fan base grew exponentially with his recurring role as Winn Schott on Supergirl.

This is certainly not the first time that a live recording of a stage show was released. In fact, the prospect has proven worthy on more than one occasion. We’re quite sure this will be no exception.

Fans of Newsies on Broadway are fiercely loyal to the original cast, so it’s no surprise that Jordan and Lindsay have agreed to return. Perhaps Jordan’s new fanbase from his role on Supergirl will attract more ‘fansies’ than ever before.

Don't worry, Batman. It wasn't your fault 'Newsies' flopped. You were a head off your time.
Don’t worry, Batman. It wasn’t your fault ‘Newsies’ flopped. You were ahead of your time.
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