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STAR WARS RESISTANCE ‘Signal From Sector Six’ Review: Classic Filoni Style Episode

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The noise on the inter-webs been quiet about Star Wars Resistance, following its premiere in early October. Haters have moved on to The Mandalorian and their boycott exploits of Episode IX while Star Wars fans are distracted by the same. But there’s still a small pocket of parents and die-hards who have weathered through the ups and downs of Star Wars Resistance season 1.

And it seems like diligence is paying off.

It began with episode 5 “The High Tower,” and continued to improve with Star Wars Resistance episode 6 “The Children from Tehar.” Heading into episode 7 “Signal from Sector Six,” the pressure was on to see if the previous two successes were merely a fluke. Not only did episode 7 of Star Wars Resistance deliver on all fronts, but it specifically contains a Dave Filoni trademark formula many fans have witnessed through the years with Star Wars Rebels and The Clone Wars.

Spoilers Ahead. Enter at your own risk.

Yeager and Kaz Episode 7 Star Wars Resistance
Image via Disney Studios and Lucasfilm

Star Wars Resistance Episode 7 Synopsis Review

The Dave Filoni formula is one in which the main protagonist gets paired off with a veteran main character to assist in the growth and relatability of the MC. Or, the protagonist gets paired off with fellow side characters, introducing backstories, depth, and personal connections.  It’s through this formula in which Ahsoka Tano (The Clone Wars) went from most hated character to the beloved Snips and Ezra (Rebels) began to grow on fans hearts rather than prickling them like a thorn.

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Episode 5 of Star Wars Resistance began using the Filoni formula with Tam and Kaz, episode 6 with Kaz and Neeku — and in episode 7 “Signal from Sector Six,” our MC Kaz is paired with the veteran Poe Dameron.

Kaz Entering X-Wing With CB-23 provided by Poe Dameron in Star Wars Resistance
Image via Disney Studios and Lucasfilm

Poe swings by to pick Kaz up and celebrates his recent successes by flying through an asteroid field for fun. Interestingly, Kaz shifts from the clumsy I can’t do anything right character to one who shows potential for greatness. Poe shows him a new move and Kaz also attempts to hit it. Naturally, he’s cocky and arrogant going into it, fails to hit the move, but doesn’t make a disaster out of it. If anything, Kaz is extremely close to nailing it and shows he could, if given more time to practice.

Poe Dameron and Kaz In X-Wing Fighters Star Wars Resistance episode 7
Image via Disney Studios and Lucasfilm

But fun time is cut short as a distress beacon alert goes off from a nearby ship. Poe and Kaz head over to investigate and find a cargo ship in disarray thanks to pirates. Boarding the ship, our heroes search for the crew but run into the escaped cargo instead.

Attacked my malicious Kowakian monkey-lizards (Return of the Jedi) Poe and Kaz make a break for it only to find there’s a giant flesh-eating beast on the loose too. The Kowakian monkey was last seen in Star Wars causing havoc besides Jabba the Hutt, and ironically, looks a lot like the Fireys from the movie Labyrinth.

Kowakian monkey-lizards Star Wars Resistance and Return of the Jedi
Image via Disney Studios and Lucasfilm

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Meanwhile, a new droid is introduced into the vast world of Star Wars and it’s a female. Thankfully, she isn’t given rounded hips and rear ends like the servant droids on the Colossus. CB-23 is BB-8’s replacement while on the mission with Kaz. BB-8 and CB-23 don’t hit it off at first, being jealous over Poe, but by the end of the episode are acting like star gazed droid lovers. Shippers enjoy.

Kaz and Poe find a crew member who hid in the cargo to avoid being eaten by a giant monkey. At least, they assume she’s a part of the ship’s crew. Quickly they rescue her, avoid being eaten and get back to their X-Wings. Only to be attacked by pirates as soon as they leave the cargo ship.

Kaz gets his moment to shine, swinging in between asteroids and successfully pulling off the move Poe taught him earlier. With two pirate ships destroyed, the remaining one retreats. Poe takes Kaz back to Yeager, who isn’t thrilled about another stray and bids them farewell until next time. Plus, there’s a cute goodbye moment between BB-8 and CB-23.

Synara San and Kaz Star Wars Resistance episode 7
Image via Disney Studios and Lucasfilm

Back on the Colossus, our mysterious passed out crew member is awake. Her name is Synara San (Nazneen Contractor) and she’s not innocent. Following her registration on the Colossus, thanks to Yeager and Kaz, Synara contacts her fellow pirates. Realizing a huge opportunity has presented itself, Synara is ordered to blend in until she’s given her next assignment.

Episode 7 “Signal From Sector Six” Review

Kaz Flying X-Wing in Star Wars Resistance Episode 7
Image via Disney Studios and Lucasfilm

Episode 7 “Signal from Sector Six” hit all the right feels with little to no annoyance. From the bonding time between Poe and Kaz (back off shippers) and the budding romance of BB-8 and CB-23, mixed in with laughing monkeys (voiced by Filoni) and pirate spy’s — what else could Star Wars fans ask for. Except for maybe a lightsaber battle, and hopefully, we’ll see one soon. But not with Kaz. Please, not with Kaz.

The humor is spot on in “Signal from Sector Six,” as is the action. Pacing throughout the episode is phenomenal, leaving the audience wanting more by the closing credits. And the art, as usual, is above and beyond stunning. After hitting a few potholes, it seems Star Wars Resistance is finally finding its wings.

But, there’s still room to grow. Much has yet to be revealed about Yeager and for being a show about pilots, there have been only small amounts of racing and flying. Meanwhile, the new arc with Synara will likely bring the threat of the First Order upon the Colossus in new ways and all our characters will be faced with difficult choices regarding their futures.

Signal From Sector Six Star Wars Resistance episode 7
Image via Disney Studios and Lucasfilm

What will episode 8 of Star Wars Resistance bring to the table? Tune in next week to find out and be sure to let us know your thoughts on episode 7 “Signal from Sector Six” in the comments! “May the Force be with you, always.”

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