STAR WARS RESISTANCE Ep. 6 The Children From Tehar Review: Improved Filler

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Expectations were low heading into this week’s Star Wars Resistance episode, “The Children from Tehar.” Not because the series is doing poorly, but because Disney often fails to deliver on filler episodes. Following last week’s thrilling episode, “The High Tower,” it was clear “The Children from Tehar” wouldn’t be on the same level.

And yet, while not one of the best episodes of Star Wars Resistance to date, it wasn’t horrible either.

Spoilers Ahead! Enter at your own risk.

Tam gets angry with Kaz Star Wars Resistance Episode 6
Image via Disney Studios and Lucasfilm

Star Wars Resistance Episode 6 Spoiler Review

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The beginning of episode 6 contains the best moment of “The Children from Tehar.” Tam and Neeku are working on a delicate acceleration compensator for the Fireball and Kaz wants to help. Knowing he’s a klutz, Tam tries to avoid letting him touch the part but gives in when she needs an extra pair of hands.

Naturally, Kaz messes up, leaving Tam (Suzie McGrath) in a rage as she pelts him with wrenches and any other tool, she can get her hands on. Watching Kaz get wrecked by Tam is by far the highlight of episode 6.

Kaz Running From Tam Star Wars Resistance Episode 6 The Children From Tehar
Image via Disney Studios and Lucasfilm

Kaz heads off to Aunt Z’s to lick his wounds where he’s joined by Neeku (who pays for Kaz’s water, because he’s that broke). Nearby, two patrons are talking about a couple of kids with a huge bounty on their heads. Somehow, Kaz believes they have a bounty on them because they’re lost and in finding these kids he’ll be helping them, and himself.

The Children of Tehar Star Wars Resistance episode 6
Image via Disney Studios and Lucasfilm

This is where episode 6 begins to take a slightly sour turn. It’s understandable that Kaz is a former spoiled rich kid who’s solved all his problems with daddy’s money — but being ignorant towards a large bounty placed on kids is pushing the envelope a bit far. Or, should we call it what it is, a convenient plot device.

Kaz needs to have growth as a character, in which he does with each new episode. Until the writers use his ignorance as a plot device and all his growth goes out the window. Plus, it’s an insult to kids. Do the writers really believe a kid is going to think children who are lost get bounty’s put on their heads?

In typical Disney fashion, Kaz and Neeku bump (literally) into the children from Tehar. Following this convenient encounter, however, a few interesting scenes take place.

Key Moments in The Children From Tehar

Kaz and Neeku in Doza's Tower Office, Star Wars Resistance Episode 6
Image via Disney Studios and Lucasfilm

Captain Doza summons Kaz to the tower. He doesn’t question Kaz about the events of “The High Tower,” but instead inquires about the children. Doza uses this meeting to “feel Kaz out,” inquiring if he’s a mercenary. He then contacts the First Order after dismissing Kaz, informing Captain Phasma the kids are on the Colossus. However, he also inquires as to why the First Order’s place such a large bounty on them. Doza sees through Phasma lies but allows the First Order to retrieve the kids, anyway.

It’s clear Doza isn’t a bad guy, but he’s not a good one either. He hasn’t agreed to the demands of the First Order regarding “protection,” but still works with Phasma as if to keep them appeased for the moment. Little does Doza know, he’s out of his league.

The second interesting moment occurs when Neeku takes Kaz to the underbelly of the Colossus. Deep in the tunnels resides a turtle-like species called the Chelidae. Working as engineers, the Chelidae keep the Colossus running. New creatures are always a treat, and the Chelidae are the cutest and coolest turtles in the Star Wars universe. Take my money Disney, again, and again.

Kaz Meets the Chelidae In Star Wars Resistance Episode 6
Image via Disney Studios and Lucasfilm

Lastly, we have the name dropping of Kylo Ren. While it would’ve been nice to see Kylo, mentioning his name helps the overall plot of Star Wars Resistance continue to move forward towards the events of The Force Awakens. According to the kids from Tehar, Kylo Ren wiped out their entire people. The children are witnesses to a mass genocide, which is why the First Order wants to silence them as quickly as possible.

Kaz Shines In Final Moments Of Episode 6

The First Order Is On the Hunt In Star Wars Resistance Episode 6
Image via Disney Studios and Lucasfilm

The First Order arrives on the Colossus and discovers the missing kids rather quickly. Kaz, Neeku, and BB-8 help the kids escape into the underbelly of the Colossus. But it only slows the First Order down.

Kaz then comes up with a brilliant idea, substituting the Chelidae in place of the kids, as they “fall” into the water below. Commander Pyre is fooled (saving him from looking like an idiot stormtrooper) while Kaz does something right for a change.

Commander Pyre and Captain Phasma Star Wars Resistance
Image via Disney Studios and Lucasfilm

The Chelidae agree to let the kids stay with them, while they also fix Tam’s busted acceleration compensator. Kaz reports in with the Resistance, after returning the fixed compensator to Tam, and is complemented by Ello Asty.

Star Wars Resistance Episode 6 Final Thoughts

Neeku and the Chelidae In Star Wars Resistance Episode 6 The Children From Tehar
Image via Disney Studios and Lucasfilm

Episode 6, “The Children from Tehar” had some interesting key moments. Along with a few miserable ones as well. Overall, the episode was engaging and entertaining (especially Kaz getting beat up by Tam). Yeager was seen once in the episode, and Tam only shined in the first few minutes. Kaz once again, hogged most of the screen time while Neeku and BB-8 simply followed along.

The creative choices being made by Lucasfilm and Disney are — surprisingly bad and overwhelmingly good at the same time, creating a conundrum which hangs over Star Wars Resistance like a dark cloud. And yet, I continually find myself intrigued enough to keep watching the series.

Ello Asty Star Wars Resistance
Image via Disney Studios and Lucasfilm

What will episode 7 of Star Wars Resistance bring to the table? Tune in next week to find out and be sure to let us know your thoughts on episode 6 in the comments! “May the Force be with you, always.”

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