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STAR WARS RESISTANCE Takes Off With Ep 4 ‘The High Tower’

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The ride for Star Wars Resistance hasn’t been a smooth one, at least from a storytelling point. However, the animation continues to exceed expectations and the dialog (even Kaz’s) is consistently entertaining. Episode 4 of Star Wars Resistance, “The High Tower,” finally begins to move the story forward while also providing action, humor, and a stunning introduction of Hype Fazon. With a proper story arc falling into place, things are heating up on the Colossus.

Spoilers Ahead! Enter at your own risk!

Kaz and Tam, Star Wars Resistance The High Tower ep 4
Image via Disney Studios and Lucasfilm

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Star Wars Resistance “The High Tower” Review

The First Order Firing On Kaz In Star Wars Resistance
Image via Disney Studios and Lucasfilm

The powers down on the Colossus due to fuel issues, thanks to the pirates attacking the platform in “The Triple Dark.” Kaz, Tam, and Neeku head to the cantina while they wait for power to return and that’s when Aunt Z spills the beans about Captain Doza possibly working with the First Order.

In fact, it seems everyone on the Colossus knows the First Order’s been visiting often. Which, ironically, contradicts Yeager’s statement about nobody knowing who the Resistance or First Order is.

Major Vonreg and the First Order boarding the Colossus in Star Wars Resistance ep 4
Image via Disney Studios and Lucasfilm

Complicating things further, Hype Fazon suddenly shows up in the lower area of the Colossus for no apparent reason. When Kaz askes him about what’s going on, Fazon goes out of his way to state he’ll have nothing to do with the First Order visiting the Colossus.

Major Vonreg (with the First Order) arrives next in a cargo ship full of fuel. Kaz is itching to find a way up to the tower when Fazon suddenly reappears and invites Tam and Kaz to the Aces lounge in the tower. Kaz breaks away while Fazon and Tam take shots at one another and uses a commlink Neeku built to hear the conversation between Major Vonreg and Captain Doza.

Who’s The Mole?

Kaz and Tora In Star Wars Resistance The High Tower
Image via Disney Studios and Lucasfilm

Many were predicting the mole would turn out to be Hype Fazon, but after “The High Tower,” it honestly could be anyone. Doza seems to suspect the pirate raids and Major Vonreg’s assistance are connected, so it seems unlikely he’s a mole. Fazon leading Kaz to the tower means he likely suspects Doza is doing something wrong. And Tora Dozza — well — she’s simply way too adorable.

Highlights of “The High Tower”

Tam and Neeku In Star Wars Resistance Ep 4 The High Tower
Image via Disney Studios and Lucasfilm

The animation continues to delight the senses with each new episode. Likewise, with the dialog (especially between Neeku and Kaz). Tam Ryvora (Suzie McGrath) is finally getting some decent screen time and was the overall highlight of this week’s Star Wars Resistance episode.

Thanks to her interactions with Fazon, we learned she’s more than just a mechanic and used to fly with Hype before he became one of the Aces. And yet, there’s still so much we don’t know about her character. Could Tam’s jealousy towards Fazon lead her to betray Yeager and the Colossus?

Hype Fazon and Kaz in Aunt Z's Cantina, Star Wars Resistance
Image via Disney Studios and Lucasfilm

Donald Faison, meanwhile, is a perfect fit to the Star Wars Resistance story. His swagger and ego come off genuine, rather than forced — which isn’t easy to accomplish. Speaking of swagger, there’s an interesting camera shot when Hype and Kaz are sitting at a booth in the Cantina.

Reminiscent of Han and Greedo’s conversation in A New Hope, Fazon comes off like a confident Greedo about to collect on his bounty. Kaz, unfortunately, doesn’t resemble the calm and collected Han. But we have to wonder, is there a hidden meaning behind this shot?

Continuing Problems In Star Wars Resistance

The First Order Meeting With Captain Doza, Star Wars Resistance
Image via Disney Studios and Lucasfilm

Not everything is sunshine and rainbows, yet. “The High Tower” is clearly a step in the right direction, but there are still problems within the series. Most notably, is a lack of connection between characters and the audience. With the storyline moving forward, we must wonder if there’ll be proper development for Tam, Yeager, Neeku, Tora, Hype, and all the other Aces pilots in future episodes? And if so, at what cost to the pacing of the story?

Veering onto a more minor detail, what’s up with Disney giving female droids — shapely body parts? L3-37 had it in Solo: A Star Wars Story and the “maid” droids on the Colossus are also fitted with a rather busting bosom (see image above). Seriously, Disney, female droids don’t need exaggerated parts. Your audience isn’t stupid.

Captain Doza And His Daughter Tora In Star Wars Resistance
Image via Disney Studios and Lucasfilm

Next week’s episode of Star Wars Resistance is “The Children from Tehar.”

Did you enjoy this week’s episode of Star Wars Resistance? Let us know in the comments below. “May the Force be with you, always.”

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