STAR WARS NEWS SPIEL: Wild Reylo Rumors, Battlefront 2 Geonosis DLC, Episode IX, And More


Now that Resistance is well underway, Disney has put the brakes on releasing breaking Star Wars news. Saving the opportunity to blow fans away at Celebration in Chicago next year, it’s not a surprising move. However, just because Lucasfilm and Disney are quiet, doesn’t mean there aren’t Star Wars news topics to discuss.

Richard E. Grant Joins Episode IX Cast

Richard E. Grant in Logan, Star Wars News
Image via 20th Century Fox, Logan

Cast in an unidentifiable role, Richard E. Grant has joined with J.J. Abrams, Lucasfilm, and Disney for Episode IX. Grant is best known for his work in Logan and Game of Thrones, and yet, joining the Star Wars team has him full-on geeking out.

“J.J. was sitting with Daisy Ridley and said, ‘Hey! Great. Come in,” relates Grant while talking about joining Episode IX on the Happy Sad Confused podcast. So, you’re gonna do it?’ and I said, ‘Do what?’ And at this point, the room went upside-down, and I’m sure he was telling me in detail what part I was playing and what the character is called. I have no memory of that whatsoever. I just kept thinking: I might be in Star Wars. I kept waiting for them to say, ‘Well you’re going to come in and stand in for somebody else because we need somebody to test your height or your age or whatever.’ But no, they kept saying ‘So you are going to do this aren’t you?’ and I said, ‘Of course I’m going to do this.”

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Reylo Spoiler Episode IX Rumor

Reylo Star Wars fan art by Raven-Punch on
Image via Raven-Punch

Love or hate the new saga trilogy, but you can’t deny the entertainment value behind the Reylo ship. J.J. Abrams set up it up in The Force Awakens and it sounds like he plans to resolve it in Episode IX. Special thanks to Raven-Punch for this amazing fan art.

The newest rumor concerning Reylo to hit the interweb involves a final duel between the two, with Rey besting Kylo. Apparently, this battle also leads to a redemption moment from Kylo Ren before passing on into the Force. While this sounds an awful lot like the final scene between Luke and Vader in Return of the Jedi, it has the potential to work. Plus, it’s not exactly a secret that Abrams likes to pull themes from the original trilogy.

A final battle between Rey and Kylo is what most fans want, and it’s sure to pack a visual punch. After all, a Kylo redemption arc seems inevitable. Having him turn back to the light side of the Force in his final moments seems fitting for one who idolized everything about Darth Vader.

Battlefront II Geonosis Leaked Image

Geonosis DLC Battlefront II with Grievous
Image via EA, Battlefront II, and Reddit user u/Dangercato

Things are heating up in Battlefront II, with the addition of General Grievous and an upcoming DLC Geonosis map. The sound glitch is fixed, and while there are still mechanical issues, the overall gameplay of Battlefront II is considerably better than it was at launch. Starship pilot players, however, are still patiently waiting for updates to Starfighter Assault.

Marvel’s Age of Republic comics is only a month away!

Other noteworthy additions to Battlefront II in November include Obi-Wan Kenobi and 212th Attack Battalion clone soldiers skins. In addition to the Geonosis map are three new vehicles which include the STAP, BARC speeder, and the AT-TE.

Other Star Wars News

Obi-Wan Kenobi The Clone Wars, Star Wars News Spiel
Image via Lucasfilm and Disney Studios

Life gets interesting when Star Wars news is quiet. Especially when pieces start popping up about Star Wars: The Clone Wars being canceled back in 2015 because of violent storylines and images. Grant it, this may have played a small role. But it didn’t matter because the real issue was all about a red tape contract dispute between Disney and Cartoon Network. Now that Disney has its streaming service on the way, it makes sense they would allow for it to return, targeting the older and mature fanbase.

Clone Wars episodes everyone needs to watch before its return.

In other Star Wars news, J.J. Abrams is fishing for a major blockbuster Hollywood contract. And some fans believe Disney might offer him up one within the Star Wars universe. Abrams, however, seems to already have an idea of what he wants to create. And it’s likely not related to Star Wars.

What’s got you the most excited this week in Star Wars news? Let us know in the comments below and tune in weekly for the Star Wars News Spiel only on Monkeys Fighting Robots. “May the Force be with you, always.”

Sources: Happy Sad Confused Podcast and EA Battlefront II Roadmap. Special thanks to Raven-Punch for the Reylo fan art.

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