Grievous Drops In Battlefront 2: Ahsoka And Padme Coming Soon?

In an effort to save Battlefront II from video game expiration, EA’s been stepping up to the plate with new heroes (Grievous), mechanic gameplay repairs, and updated graphics. They even fixed the terribly annoying sound glitch, in which the sound would abruptly shut off, requiring a restart to resolve the error.

Grievous Victory Pose Battlefront 2
Image via EA and Lucasfilm

Refusing to let Battlefront II become a shell of its former self, EA is at least finally putting some effort into the game. But is it too late? Battlefront II isn’t the best game out there, but with Grievous being added and mechanics being adjusted, it’s not exactly horrible either. Although, paying full price for it still isn’t recommended.

General Grievous And Future Heroes

Grievous Abilities Battlefront 2
Image via EA and Lucasfilm

Playing Grievous is exactly how most would expect it to be. He’s an op hero with the abilities: Unrelenting Advance, Thrust Surge, and Claw Rush. Grievous also has an alternative Battle-Damaged appearance which is available to unlock (for an additional in-game cost).


The lightsaber snatching General, however, isn’t the most powerful hero in Battlefront II. Players will still need to grind away by earning Star Cards for him, allowing the cyborg to reach his full potential.

In addition to the Grievous drop, Reddit user u/willcalderone0630 discovered music for a pair of possible new heroes.

Sound bites for Ahsoka and Padme in Battlefront 2
Image via EA, Lucasfilm, and Reddit user u/willcalderone0630

Ahsoka has long been a fan favorite amongst the Star Wars community. Being neither Jedi or Sith, she serves under no one, yet respects all. Likewise, Padme bucked against the trends, only doing what she felt was right and just.

The addition of Ahsoka and Padme to Battlefront II would certainly help in keeping the game alive.  Grievous is a great starting point, however, other Star Wars characters (besides clones) need to be added to maintain interest.

Grievous Rare Skin Battlefront 2
Image via EA and Lucasfilm

Are you excited about the General Grievous drop in Battlefront II? Have you had a chance to play him yet? Let us know in the comments and “May the Force be with you, always.”

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