THE CLONE WARS Voice Actors Reprising Roles In Battlefront II Content

It’s been a nearly a year since the release of Battlefront II, and since its release, fans of the game have been very vocal about an increase in The Clone Wars content. EA and DICE came under severe fire regarding their loot-crate system and pay-to-win marketing scheme. The outcry from fans was so severe that all parties involved were forced to retract and redesign Battlefront II before its release.

Over the course of the last year, Battlefront II has continued to improve. However, the number of gamers playing it around the world has also significantly dropped. Because of this, EA and Lucasfilm are in the process of rolling out a bunch of new content, hoping to spark interest in Battlefront II once again.

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Cover art for Battlefront II
Image via Dice, EA, and Lucasfilm

The main initiative of this rollout includes a bunch of The Clone Wars content, first introduced in EA’s “Roadmap” of 2018-2019 Battlefront II content. In addition to skins and map updates, there are new heroes being added to the game, specifically from The Clone Wars era. Now, EA’s announced the voice actors from The Clone Wars animated series will be reprising their roles in Battlefront II.

Battlefront II The Clone Wars Characters And Voice Actors

The Clone Wars holds a special place in many Star Wars fans hearts, making this move by EA and Lucasfilm a brilliant one considering the recent loss of interest in Battlefront II.

General Grievous

General Greivous in The Clone Wars coming to Battlefront II
Image via Lucasfilm, Disney Studtios and Wookieepedia – Fandom

Those of us who still play Battlefront II are looking forward to the addition of General Grievous, especially if his gameplay mechanics are on point. Voice actor Matthew Wood will be reprising his role as the bionic Separatist General.

“I always love revisiting characters from the Clone Wars era,” states Wood to EA. “Because I feel like there are so many stories to be told! Now, we have the ability to actually set foot into General Grievous’ shoes and see how he operates in real-time. That’s really exciting to me, to be able to portray the character in such a way! I’m a gamer myself, so I can’t wait to see how all this pans out with what the team has created.”

Wood voiced Grievous in Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith and The Clone Wars animated series. General Grievous’ release date in Battlefront II is October 30th.

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Obi-Wan Kenobi The Clone Wars coming to Battlefront II
Image via Lucasfilm and Disney Studios

While Star Wars fans aren’t getting an Obi-Wan Kenobi movie anytime soon, he is coming to Battlefront II with voice actor James Arnold Taylor reprising his role.

“It is probably the greatest honor for me as an actor, to have gotten to play this character for so many years,” states Taylor to EA. “And in so many iterations! The television show, video games, toys, a movie . . . It’s one of those ‘pinch me moments’ in my life, because I still kind of wake up some days and go, ‘I . . . I get to be Obi-Wan Kenobi?’ It’s fantastic!”

Taylor is the longest running voice actor for the old Jedi left on Tatooine to watch over Luke Skywalker. And fans adore his work, making his addition to Battlefront II a very special one indeed. Obi-Wan Kenobi is being released at an unspecified date in November.

Count Dooku

Anakin Skywalker and Count Dooku Duel The Clone Wars
image via Lucasfilm and Disney Studios

The “earl” of Star Wars is making a return from the grave, voiced by the talented Corey Burton. Becoming a household name after The Clone Wars animated series, Burton is delighted to be donning the “Sith cape once again.”

Count Dooku release date for Battlefront II is sometime in January of 2019.

Anakin Skywalker

Image via Lucasfilm and Disney Studios
Image via Lucasfilm and Disney Studios

If the trailer for The Clone Wars got fans excited, so will the announcement of Matt Lanter returning to voice the infamous Anakin Skywalker in Battlefront II. Lanter, like all the other voice actors on this list, became well known amongst Star Wars fans due to The Clone Wars animated series.

“I’m a gamer! I played the first Star Wars Battlefront often”, says Lanter to EA. “Not really lately, I’ve got a new baby at home and she’s nine months, so I haven’t had a whole lot of gaming time recently. But before that – Battlefront is my game! I grew up playing first-person shooters, and I love Star Wars. You know, I perform Star Wars, but I’m also a huge fan. A mix of the both is my perfect game. To be able to be a part of it is pretty incredible.”

Anakin Skywalker’s release date is sometime in February 2019.

As a gamer and a fan of Battlefront II, I’m excited about the moves Lucasfilm and EA are making. But is it enough to bring the game back to full life?

Are you excited for these Battlefront II additions? Let us know in the comments below. “May the Force be with you, always.”


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