*SPOILERS* First Look At Doctor Strange LEGO Set

LEGO is probably the worst offender in the toy market when it comes to spoiling movies. While they aren’t always accurate they can sometimes ruin major surprises such as Giant Man in Captain America: Civil War. This new set for the upcoming Doctor Strange shows us a number of things such a Wong taking flight with fans, a look at the Sanctum Sanctorum, and Doctor Strange and Baron Mordo fighting some sort of monster coming out of the wall.

The set doesn’t reveal any other details; we don’t know who is in control of this monster or where it comes from. This seems like a detail that could be seen in the next trailer but there is no way of knowing for sure. As always if you want to be spoiler free for Marvel movies it’s best not to collect LEGO.

Doctor Strange comes out November 4, 2017 and is directed by Scott Derrickson.

Kaitlyn Booth
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