Simon Pegg: Some Critics of LGBT Sulu ‘Can Go F*ck Themselves’

Simon Pegg has some harsh words for some who’ve questioned the decision to reveal that Hikaru Sulu is gay in the upcoming Star Trek Beyond.

Actor John Cho revealed the decision to reporters last week. It stirred a bit of controversy when original series Sulu George Takei, said he felt the character should remain heterosexual.

Takei said he liked the inclusion of an LGBT character, but suggested that perhaps a new character should be created.

John Cho Star Trek BeyondIn a statement on, Pegg acknowledged that Takei and those who agreed with him had valid concerns.

“What is heartening is that the vast majority of comments have never questioned the decision to include an LGBT character in Star Trek, just whether or not it should be existing characters or new ones,” Pegg wrote.

Negative responses

While the response to the film’s revelation has generally been positive — or at least neutral — some have seen it as agenda-driven. Conservative writer William Avitt, writing for The Blaze, said the decision was made “for the sake of forced diversity and pushing of social justice agendas.”

But Pegg has no patience for that kind of criticism.

“Those who have whined about the secret agenda of the liberal left, spreading ungodly perversions, through the eveil mouthpiece of homosexual Hollywood, can go f*ck themselves,” he wrote.

Star Trek Beyond hits theaters July 22.

Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith is a writer and podcaster living in Denver. He is still angry at Fox for canceling "The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr."