‘Sicario’ Sequel Titled ‘Soldado’, Gets New Director

Unfortunately Denis Villeneuve cannot fit the Sicario sequel – now titled Soldado – into his increasingly busy schedule. So the reins have been handed over to Italian director Stefano Sollima, according to the excessive over at THR.

Jeremy Saulnier, fresh off the modest success of Green Room, was allegedly first in line to direct after Villeneuve moved on. That would have been incredible for sure, but let’s see what Sollima brings to the table. Sollima is best known for adapting Gomorrah for television, and has a handful of Italian films to his credit.

Soldado is the Spanish word for “soldier,” as this Sicario sequel will focus on the world of Benicia Del Toro. It’s uncertain whether we are moving forward of backwards in the life of Del Toro’s enigmatic mercenary. Either way seems like a fascinating direction to take with the character.

There is no release date for Soldado as of yet.

Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
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