RUMOR: Warner Bros. Reportedly Looking To Develop ‘Superman: Red Son’ As A Live-Action Film

Fans of the DC Films Universe have been eagerly awaiting news about a second solo outing for Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel, but this certainly isn’t the direction that many have been anticipating Warner Bros. would take. Via a twitter exchange between comic book legend Mark Millar and director Jordan Vogt-Roberts, Millar seemingly confirms that the WB has pitched two directors (that he knows of) in the last two months on adapting his acclaimed graphic novel: Superman: Red Son. In addition, Voght-Roberts reveals that he pitched his own version of the story to the studio months ago.

You can see the entire exchange below:

Though the two directors started off joking, it seems that Millar is serious by the end of the conversation when he indicates he’s heard directors have been meeting with Warner Bros. about adapting Red Son. And let’s face it, if anyone would know, it would probably be the author of the story himself. While clearly far from a sure thing at the moment, the fact that the elseworld story is on the studio’s radar is both exciting and intriguing.

For those who don’t know, the basic premise of Superman: Red Son is as follows:

“Imagine a reality where the world’s most powerful super-being does not grow up in Smallville, Kansas – or even America, for that matter…

SUPERMAN: RED SON is a vivid tale of Cold War paranoia, that reveals how the ship carrying the infant who would later be known as Superman lands in the midst of the 1950s Soviet Union.  Raised on a collective, the infant grows up and becomes a symbol to the Soviet people, and the world changes drastically from what we know – bringing Superman into conflict with Batman, Lex Luthor and many others.”

Even though the story is a favorite of many DC Comics’ fans, it’s hard to imagine how the WB would incorporate the story into their current DCEU timeline with Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, etc. In fact, there’s no guarantee that were this project to be put into active development that it would take place within the confines of their budding movieverse. For all we know, it could be made as a standalone film with an entirely new cast. Before anyone begins to theorize that this story is being considered for one of DC’s animated features, however, Den of Geek UK has allegedly confirmed with sources that Warner Bros. wants to adapt it in live action. Take that for you will.

What do you think of the possibility that Warner Bros. may be tackling Superman: Red Son at all, let alone sooner than later? Are you excited at the prospect of seeing our favorite heroes and villains in Russian garb? And if this project does come to fruition, do you think that it will be part of the current DCEU or stand on its own as a one-off? Let me know in the comments below!

Anthony Caruso
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