RUMOR: If Peter Parker’s Spider-Man Isn’t In ‘Venom’, Could We Get Miles Morales?

Sony’s ‘Venom’ Needs A Spider-Man; Miles Morales Is The Only Fit!

Sony seems to finally be in a good place with their Spider-Man franchise. ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming‘ is getting positive buzz and the company recently announced they are launching a series of films based on Venom. They also announced the ‘Venom‘ movie will be separate from the existing Spider-Man films. Fans became outraged at the idea of Spider-Man not fighting Venom but this leaves the door open for something much more! With no Peter Parker in ‘Venom‘, can Miles Morales fill the void?

Miles Morales

For those who don’t know, Miles Morales is Spider-Man in what Marvel dubbed “Ultimate Marvel“. Morales picked up the mantle of Spider-Man following the comic death of Peter Parker, a very bold move for the company. What also adds to the boldness of Miles Morales is the fact he is a Black Hispanic teenager. Following the initial shock of the character, Morales has gained the respect of many readers. There was even a petition years ago for the character to be Spider-Man in the Marc Webb films!

Another notable thing about Miles Morales as Spider-Man is when he faced off against Venom in Ultimate Marvel’s “Venom War” storyline. In the story, Morales faced off against Venom and eventually retired due to the death of his mother. This iconic story is¬†something perfect for an R-rated film adaptation.Miles Morales

The fact that this is an alternative version of the Spider-Man universe on the big-screen feels like Ultimate Marvel so introducing Miles Morales almost feels nature. It also helps that Sony has announced an animated feature film for 2018 that will star Morales. That could be the best way to give the character a test-run.

Personally, the ‘Venom’ film doesn’t need a Spider-Man at all. If done right, the terrifying Symbiote could become the darkest anti-hero ever. The R rating and potential battles with Black Cat or Carnage lends itself to enough action. But the fan demands for Venom vs Spider-Man won’t allow that so why not use an untapped resource?

Let me know what you think about Miles Morales in the Venom film!

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