Robert Rodriguez Made a Movie We Won’t Get to See

Will you be alive in 100 years? If so, you’ll probably get to see the film Robert Rodriguez has made with John Malkovich, which has been sealed in a time capsule to be released on November 18, 2115.

If you don’t know, a time capsule is usually a box containing items somebody finds valuable (mostly emotional) and it gets buried or kept hidden for a long time, to be opened by someone else or by a future self. I’ve heard about special editions of certain films included in time capsules to be preserved or as a special memento.

Robert Rodriguez 100 Years

This new project titled 100 Years: The Movie You Will Never See is an entirely new thing, as we most likely won’t be able to see it, but kids born from now on might. And this is not a joke, but a publicity stunt. The film is being used to promote Louis XIII Cognac, a top shelf liquor produced by Rémy Martin.

The movie was inspired by the legacy of craftsmanship and time it takes to create LOUIS XIII Cognac, which is one of the most luxurious spirits in the world.

What we can do today is choose to see three videos featuring one of three possible futures to explore in 1 minute teasers each: futuristic LED lights, a dystopian Titanfall-esque or Galactic City scenes.

Robert Rodriguez has stated:

I was intrigued by the concept of working on a film that nobody would ever see in my lifetime.

I have to admit, it is a cool concept (especially considering it’s Robert Rodriguez we’re talking about), even if it ends up being more of long commercial than an actual movie with a decent plot… But since we presumably won’t get to see it and the people who made it won’t know what the audience thought about the project, do we really care for it?

Elisabeth S. Contreras
Elisabeth S. Contreras
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