Ridley Scott Wastes No Time: Next ‘Alien’ Film Starts Shooting in 2018

Ridley Scott Is Going Ahead With More ‘Alien’ Films!

Alien: Covenant‘ isn’t in theaters yet but Ridley Scott is already planning another. Seems like he is making true of his promise to create another 6 films in the franchise. Don’t expect anything to hold the man back from more films, even if early reviews aren’t so strong.

“We’re writing [a sequel] now, as we speak. I’ll be filming that within 14 months,” Ridley Scott told IGN.com while in the UK.


Along with news about the upcoming ‘Alien‘ sequel, Ridley Scott also gave a little information about the canceled Neil Blomkamp film.

“They wanted to do ‘Alien’, er, ‘Awakening‘ – Neill Blomkamp… I said fine. I was going to be the producer. If I could have, I would have,” Scott said. “Except I do question – why have both (Blomkamp’s ‘Alien’ and Scott’s ‘Alien’) out there? It seems like shooting your big toe off – it doesn’t make sense. But they didn’t go forward with it, Fox, so I just kind of kept out of it.”

While it’s sad the anticipated Blomkamp film is now dead, one can believe some ideas from his project could influence the upcoming Scott films. Ridley Scott wanted to keep control of the franchise he created and seems to be breathing new life into the ‘Alien‘ franchise.

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