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It’s once again time for RiffTrax, the comedy team which makes fun of bad movies for the entertainment of the audience. How does the team fare with taking on a 80s cult classic like Krull?


On the planet Krull, Prince Colwyn is about to marry Princess Lyssa and fulfill an ancient prophecy. Unfortunately, an alien known as the Beast sends his forces to kill the wedding party and kidnap Princess Lyssa. Now, Prince Colwyn must use the ancient weapon of power known as the Glaive to rescue his princess from another castle.


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The film presents a lot of possibility but unfortunately is bogged down by its own double edged sword. Just as it’s filled with scenes of insanity and over-the-top moments which are perfect to make fun of, there also is a lot of padding. Krull is filled with a lot of unnecessary scenes which unfortunately make for a long movie experience.

There are some gutbusters of entertainment here and there which make the film a joy to watch. Though the opening mentions Krull is the name of the planet, the team kept going with the joke of “Who is Krull” and kept asking if various characters and creatures in the film were Krull. This was very amusing and because it wasn’t overplayed. A good running joke is essential to the team’s brand of comedy.


Unfortunately these great jokes are far between one another with previous mention of excessive padding. Common moments from fantasy film such as scenes of people walking down long holes, journeying through dangerous enchanted areas, and of course riding on horses drag the film on for far too long. Also, considering Glaive is supposed to be a great weapon of power you would think they would make the joke about how little it is used in the film. It’s a minor nitpick but one which bares mentioning.


A very good showing but not the best. Rifftrax: Krull wasn’t even the best of the year as the showing of Space Mutiny was much more entertaining. Sadly, both pale in comparison to the gut-busting which was the presentation of Samurai Cop. Hopefully the team will find something which presents the perfect formula for quality riffing in the future.

Rifftrax: Krull was presented by Fathom Events.