Monkeys Fighting Robots

It’s time for Rifftrax, the comedy team of Michael Nelson, Bill Corbett, and Kevin Murphy once again come together to deliver a night of humor all fueled by watching a really bad movie. This time the team has decided to revisit one of the most popular films which was featured on the series, Mystery Science Theater 3000. A low budget sci-fi knockoff with gaping plot holes and an obviously low budget to work with. How does it stack up? Let’s find out.

The Magic Shop

There has been times previously when the short was the best part of the entire feature. This is not one of those times. This forgotten adaptation of the H.G. Wells story features a bland character watching his son get way too excited about the magic the shopkeeper keeps showcasing. On first glance it seems like this should short should have a lot potential some comedy with a guy just pulling magical tricks out of nowhere and a and actor who seems deadpan to the entire reaction. Unfortunately by the end of it you realize this is no Shake Hands With Danger or Soapy The Germfighter.


Monkeys Fighting Robots Youtube

Space Mutiny

Welcome to the Future. A future where women wear mostly leotards and the interior of the ship looks like an oil refinery. Where intense battles take place on vehicles which come from crossing golf carts and floor sweepers. This is the future of Space Mutiny. The very low budget and poorly acted feature was the main subject of the evening’s entertainment and it did not disappoint.

The team tapped into the jokes which made the original Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode so memorable. This is the running gag of renaming the extremely buff main character with different names such as Max Roid Rage and Gunner McBattlepants. It never gets old and is incredible funny.

The entire feature had a lot of good energy behind it and with the jokes spread out so there wasn’t a loss of excitement in the last quarter like with the team’s take on the Sony Pictures Godzilla film. This is definitely one of the better scripts the comedy team has worked with and it shows. If you missed out on it in theaters, make sure to check it out when it becomes available on the official website.

Rifftrax: Space Mutiny was presented by Fathom Events.