‘Pokemon’ Movie Rights Start Studio Bidding War: Who Should Win?

Out Of All The Major Studios, Which One Will Do A Pokemon Justice?

Recently, The Hollywood Reporter announced that the rights for a live action adaption of Pokemon have gone up for grabs. The Internet went wild as one of Nintendo’s biggest franchises as never seen live action before. The reports stated that China owned Legendary Entertainment were trying to knock Warner Bros. out of the running. The rights to this project has started a frenzy with fans & studios on who will catch Pokemon.

But what studio would handle the insane world of Pokemon the best? Below, I will breakdown all the players in the game & pick who would be the best choice.


Legendary Entertainment: 

-The rumored frontrunner in the movie rights wars, Legendary is home to films like ‘Pacific Rim‘ & ‘Godzilla‘. The creatures of Pokemon would be in interesting company but the studio isn’t known for their family-friendly films. The critics are prone to enjoy films that appeal to a wider audience so hopefully Legendary can lighten up their tone if they end up getting the franchise. I’m personally picking them as their visual effects are usually stunning.

Warner Brothers:

-After the polarizing ‘Batman v Superman‘, are Ash & his friends getting a dark re-imaging? Warner Bros. was also the distributor of ‘Pokemon The First Movie‘ so they are familiar with the brand. Like Legendary, this studio would need to learn to be more “fun” if they want to have a hit on their hands. Although, Pokemon is known to get dark at times so maybe Warner Bros. can bring that out.


-After all the recently scandals Sony has gone through, the Japanese company would like to make an awesome comeback. The franchise would also be closer to home. Imagine the epic Marvel/SonySpider-Man” film & Pokemon coming from the same studio. They would be covering all the land in the war for nerd love. Is this exactly what Sony needs right now?


-Other than the later mentioned Disney, Paramount has the most success with kids out of any studio on this list. They are home to film franchises like ‘Transformers‘ & ‘Shrek‘ so Paramount has proven themselves. The studio’s previous success makes them a strong but unlikely candidate.


[Wild Card] Disney:

-We know Disney loves to buy your favorite childhood memories. After getting the rights to Marvel, Muppets, and Star Wars, the next step would to be just grab Pokemon as well. Disney would gladly take in the rabid fans. Imagine Pikachu & Micky Mouse hanging out!


Which studio do you think could handle the beloved Pokemon franchise the best? Are you rooting for Legendary or do you think Warner Bros. could do a good job? Let me know in the comments below how you feel about a live-action Pokemon movie!

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