Philadelphia Wizard World 2017, A Celebration Free Of Internet Rage

This past weekend was the Philadelphia Wizard World 2017 celebration. Monkeys Fighting Robots was on the scene, taking in the refreshing experience. In a world dominated by internet rage and faceless misguided anger, it was stimulating to be among a constantly flowing sea of passionate fans.

Wizard World hulk

The turnout was phenomenal, every corner of pop culture fandom was represented proudly. Every panel I attended was met with an enthusiastic and warm reception, creators and celebrities alike were engaging. It was also the beginning of a new tradition as Wizard World inducted Rob Liefeld into their first member of the Hall Of Legends.

Wizard World Liefeld

Vendors and exhibitors provided a worthwhile opportunity for those looking to add to their various collections. Cosplay Corner was always active and lively, colorfully littered with a diverse collection of heroes and villains. There was even a booth for those looking to meet a like minded fan romantically called Sci Fi Speed Dating!

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Danny Fingeroth, former writer and editor for Marvel, was MVP (Most Valuable Panelist) of the weekend. He hosted seemingly every other comic book related panel, sharing insight and experience involving every facet of the comic book industry. Below is his panel about creating comics with Joe Caramanga, Dean Haspiel, and Mostafa Moussa.

There was also a strong video game presence, including a massive gaming area and stage. Kids were also provided with their own section and stage deforested to younger attendees.

Wizard World gamingWizard World kids

This year was the debut of Horror Fest, a joint effort by Wizard World and that took place in conjunction with the main convention. This included intimate screenings of Monster Squad, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors.

Fans got to watch these classic horror flicks along with cast members and directors while they provided commentary and answered questions. Dream Warriors was screened with star Heather Langenkamp and director Chuck Russell, hosted by the stars of Monster Squad.

The overall was experience was as fulfilling as it was overwhelming. With so much to do at any time of day, it was easy to miss a few panels or events, but what I did get to see was fantastic. To be among so many fans, and without the negativity that generally comes along with internet discussion, was invigorating. Conventions like this restore my faith in our comic book and nerd communities.

It was an absolute joy to share love for our passions with people in the flesh, and with the people that create them as well! If you’re ever sick of the negative and unrelenting culture that seems to consume the internet from time to time, I urge you to attend a convention like this and engage with real people.

The next Wizard World takes place in Sacramento June 16-18.

For more photos, check here!

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Brandon J. Griffin
Brandon J. Griffin
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