Rob Liefeld Honored As ‘Wizard World: Hall Of Legends’ First Inductee In Philadelphia

This weekend, Wizard World Philadelphia honored comic book legend Rob Liefeld. He became the first inductee to the Wizard World: Hall Of Legends.

Wizard World Liefeld

Liefeld took the stage Friday afternoon and spoke of his humble beginnings as a young comic fan trading for issues of Fantastic Four at a local liquor store. The controversial creator has come a long way and is responsible for a number of crucial comic creations.

Liefeld became a household name in the 90s. After a dominant stint on The New Mutants, he launched the popular X-Force series. The first issue of the series sold five million copies and is still one of the highest selling comic books to this day.
Rob left Marvel behind in 1992 to form Image Comics with other major comic book talent. Some of his most celebrated creations include Cable, Shatterstar, Youngblood, and of course Deadpool.

Liefeld Deadpool

After receiving his award, Liefeld was joined on stage by a collection of various Deadpool cosplayers. A warm reception from the crowd met the enthusiastic inductee as he shared more stories of fatherhood, comic books, and what it’s like to have one of your creations on your own wallet.

Rob Liefeld may not have been the most popular person in the industry, but you can’t deny the major role he played in what comics looked like in the 90s.

Liefeld award

Stay tuned for more Wizard World Philadelphia coverage as our own Brandon J. Griffin is there all weekend!

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