INDIE COMICS CREATOR CON Takes Flight on Kickstarter: Elevating Independent Art and Ideas

Independent comic artists and writers are proud to introduce the inaugural Indie Comics Creator Con (IC3), a groundbreaking annual comic book convention dedicated to promoting independent artistry and innovative concepts. This event, scheduled for March 9, 2024, at Southern Connecticut State University, aims to amplify diverse voices, fresh visions, and passionate creativity within the comic book medium.

IC3 seeks to provide a dynamic gathering place for creators and enthusiasts alike, acting as a forum, marketplace, hub, and summit. Distinguishing itself from traditional conventions that center on corporate-owned properties, IC3 shines a spotlight on creator-driven comics.

Indie Comics Creator Con


Leading the charge is Matthew Sardo, a seasoned professional boasting more than 15 years of industry experience, who will serve as the Convention Director. Beyond its conventional role as a gathering, Sardo envisions IC3 as a local block party, fostering camaraderie among attendees.

“This is a celebration of the golden age of self-published comics,” Matthew Sardo shared. “The Indie Comics Creator Con is a unique platform to bring together a diverse group of people celebrating independent comics and creators. It will exude an atmosphere like no other.”

The launch of IC3 is bolstered by a Kickstarter campaign, aimed at materializing this ambitious venture. Backers will enjoy exclusive benefits, including discounted tickets, and limited edition convention posters by acclaimed artists like Tony McMillen, Pat Rooks, Jamie Jones, Ben Granoff, Sam J Royale, and Mahdi Khene. Additionally, the event introduces the inaugural Indie Comics Creator Con pin, signifying charter membership. For those unable to attend physically, a Stay-At-Home ticket option ensures remote participation.

IC3’s commitment to the independent comics community extends to a limited number of lifetime passes, providing lifetime access to the convention. Backers can also opt to add a digital or physical copy of the 2024 Indie Comics Yearbook, a comprehensive volume celebrating independent comic book creators worldwide.

The chosen venue for IC3 is the Adanti Student Center at Southern Connecticut State University, located just north of downtown New Haven. The spacious ballroom will house the showroom floor, where creators, vendors, and publishers will showcase their work. The adjacent 200-seat movie theater will host engaging panel discussions and informative sessions.

IC3 calls on comic book enthusiasts, creators, readers, and fans to rally behind this initiative, creating a haven for independent artistry and inventive ideas. For more information about IC3 and to support this endeavor, visit the Kickstarter campaign page. Regular updates can be found on IC3’s Instagram, Threads, and Facebook accounts.

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