NYCC News: Check Out A Five-Page Preview Of NAPALM LULLABY From Image Comics

At New York Comic Con this afternoon, Image Comics announced a new ongoing series NAPALM LULLABY from writer Rick Remender and artist Bengal. The book will hit your local comic book shop in MARCH 2024. Check out a five-page preview below.

About the series:
What if a child with unimaginable power was discovered and raised to believe he was God by a cult built upon hatred and populated by zealots utterly confident in the purity and absolute moral authority of their religion? Enter a world ruled by The Magnificent Leader, where just such a cult imposed their will on an entire world to create the ultimate theocracy. Join up and buy in—or be cast out to suffer in the toxic slums with the masses of humanity.

The story of Napalm Lullaby begins 50 years after the cult’s subjugation of Earth, when two of the messiah’s bastard children—each with powers that are strange and difficult to control—set out to escape the slums of their birth. Determined to infiltrate the Magnificent Leader’s domed fortress of adulation, they’ll stop at nothing to kill the man responsible for the nightmare they were raised in.

Matthew Sardo
Matthew Sardo
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