DSTLRY Reveals 3 New Covers for Jock’s GONE #3

From contemporary game-changing publisher DSTLRY Comics comes a slew of exclusive new covers for Gone #3, the final issue of Jock’s (Batman: The Black Mirror; Wytches) stellar sci-fi series.

“Abi has been from one end of the galaxy to the other and just about the only place she hasn’t reached is the one place she’s most afraid to go…HOME. But fate, and her own steely will, have combined to send her there, and now she must confront a past secret that’s darker than the deepest depths of outer space.”

G. Rossi Gifford Undressed (dstlry.co exclusive, print and digital)

On top of the 6 already revealed covers, DSTLRY is unveiling 3 new variants, including an undressed Rossi Gifford piece, an undressed Sam Wolfe Connelly piece, and a Jock interior piece.

H. Sam Wolfe Connelly Undressed (digital ownership benefit; buy print, get digital free)
Z. Jock Interior (dstlry.co digital exclusive)

Be sure to go to your local comic shop or dstlry.co to grab your exclusive print and digital copies of this penultimate issue!

Justin Munday
Justin Munday
Reader and hoarder of comics. Quietly sipping coffee, reading, and watching sci-fi in Knoxville, TN.