Kickstarter Spotlight: FRACTURED REALMS — A Norse Horror Anthology

Dublin-based comic collective Limit Break Comics recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for its new Norse horror anthology FRACTURED REALMS.

About the book:
The darkest nights of Fimbulwinter are upon us, Ragnarök isn’t far behind, and the Nine Realms are falling… welcome to
Fractured Realms, the new anthology from Limit Break Comics. Norse mythology meets contemporary horror in this 24-story collection from Irish and international creators, totalling 96 pages.

Limit Break has previously successfully crowdfunded two other myth-inspired anthology books: TURNING ROADS in 2021, and DOWN BELOW in 2022. FRACTURED REALMS will feature stories by over 50 comic creators and is due for publication in the winter of 2023. The book is edited by Limit Break’s own Paul Carroll and Gary Moloney, and is supported by the Arts Council of Ireland.

You can check out the Kickstarter campaign right here.

fractured realms norse horror anthology kickstarter spotlight limit break comics
The cover to FRACTURED REALMS, by Nick Roche (inks) and JP Jordan (colors).

FRACTURED REALMS will put a unique horror spin on stories from Norse mythology and folklore, including the Mead of Poetry, Thor’s Fishing Trip, the talking head of Mimir, and — of course — Ragnarök.

Creators involved:
Brendan Albetski, Sarah Amundson, Kaydee Artistry, Daniel Beals, Nick Bryan, Patrick Buermeyer, Nick Caponi, Paul Carroll, Colin Craker, Aaron Cruz, Robert Cullen, Ryan Estrada, Anna Everts, Tríona Farrell, Aaron Fever, Ben Filby, Alex Garrick-Wright, Kyle Gaynier, Oliver Gerlach, Adam Gilbert, Travis B. Hill, Seán Hogan, DC Hopkins, Ben Humeniuk, Liam Johnson, JP Jordan, Seamus Kavanagh, James Killian, Rapha Lobosco, J.J. Lopez, Andriy Lukin, Marin, Aline Martins, Adlai McCook, John McGuinness, Alyssa Meier, Mariana Meira, Michiums , Chris Mole, Gary Moloney, Alex Moore, Oscar Osorio, Chris Panda, Benjamin Paulus, Christian Abel Peña, Lan Pitts, Nikki Powers, Toben Racicot, Jack Reickel, Rae RS, Andrea Schiavone, Gustaffo Vargas

In addition to the new book itself, Limit Break is offering up all kinds of rewards for backers, including titles from their back catalogue, stickers, pins, zines, and more. Aspiring creators even have the chance to have their own script reviewed by Paul and Gary.

The collective is seeking to raise awareness of Irish small press comics talent, so be sure to check out the FRACTURED REALMS campaign and follow Limit Break Comics on social media.

Limit Break Comics is a Dublin-based comic collective, founded in 2018 on the back of a shared desire to see small press comics grow in Ireland. It is made up of Paul Carroll, Gareth Luby, Gary Moloney and Seamus Kavanagh.

Anthony Composto - EIC
Anthony Composto - EIC
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